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(adventure, comedy, drama)
Download Movie TransamericaOne week before her sex-change operation, Bree receives a call from a 17-year-old identifying himself as her son from a college liaison. Bree's psychiatrist won't approve the surgery until Bree deals with this relationship, so Bree flies to New York City, bails the youth out of juvenile detention, and offers him a ride back to Los Angeles without disclosing that she is his father. Both her plans and his go awry, and as secrets will out, what might become a friendship (or more) founders. The lad's step-father, a sex-change support group, a peyote eater, a Navajo wrangler, and Bree's family all play their parts in this exploration of family, gender, and expectations.


Andrea James as Voice Coach
Felicity Huffman as Bree
Danny Burstein as Dr. Spikowsky
Maurice Orozco as Fernando
Elizabeth Pe+-a as Margaret
Craig Bockhorn as Sergeant
Paul Borghese as New York City Cop
Kevin Zegers as Toby
Jon Budinoff as Alex
Venida Evans as Arletty
Raynor Scheine as Bobby Jensen
Kate Bayley as Tennessee Waitress
Stella Maeve as Taylor
Teala Dunn as Little Girl
Jim Frangione as Taylor's Father
Duncan Tucker

Huffman has done a great job of making me forget a "star" was the title of this paper. His performance was unbelievably authentic. You could feel the uncomfortableness of Bree, as we see the start of your trip (both figuratively and literally) and get to know the son she never knew she had.

Moments of this movie had me laughing out loud. Others took me close to tears. If you see one movie this year, this should be the same. It is films like this that give me hope that some people still care about the quality of film production.

A bit of gossip: the manager said that Huffman agreed enthusiastically to make this movie, and then when it was almost time to start shooting, he discovered that he had to go to Hollywood to shoot in 3 months "some stupid pilot. " Yes, that stupid driver.

Download Transamerica
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