The Prophecy: Forsaken

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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie The Prophecy: ForsakenPicking up where Prophecy: Uprising left off, Allison (Kari Wuhrer) has been assigned to protect an ancient text bible when a group of renegade angels, called Thrones and led by the sinister Stark (Tony Todd) target Allison by trying to kill her to get at the last page of the manuscript which will reveal the name of the Antichrist now living in Bucharest. Aiding Allison is a contract killer named Dylan (Jason Scott Lee) who as been hired to kill Allison but has a epiphany to help her. Also back is the devil John Reigart (John Light) who refuses to help Allison this time around because the impeding Apocyolypse will bring him new souls to the realm of Hell leading to Allison to try to survive as long as possible to prevent Stark and his Thrones from re-writing the prophesy of the end of the world for their own purpose.


Kari Wuhrer as Allison
Jason Scott Lee as Dylan
John Light as John Reigart/Satan
Jason London as Simon
Tony Todd as Stark
Boris Petroff as Father Constantin
Daria Ciobanu as Maria
Georgia Nica as Gabrielle
Nicu Constantin as Throne #1
Vasilescu Valentin as Throne #2
Adrian Pavlovschi as Hulking Throne
George Grigore as Face Licking Throne
Adriana Butoi as Allison's Mother
Smaranda Popescu as Young Allison
Mihai Verbi Chi as Allison's Father
Joel Soisson

They were back to back and are basically one story. Only told in two parts. One of the things I like about the movies since Christopher Walkin Prophecy is not a replica of all other Stephen King inspired "Devil in our backyard" of films. I'm not saying that is bad. Its just over done. The antichrist is always an American suburb with a good average size of the normal middle-class parents. Its nice to see a more global perspective. Not everything that happens in middle class America. The underlying theme of these films is whether there can be such a thing as blind faith. The devil put it best by saying you always have to wonder why. The movie is great. It is a chilling way. But it will not scare you. It is not. So if you are looking for forums in this horror film is not for you. I suggest that we still see it, only to realize that the issue of disclosure is not just there to scare us. Can inspire us.

Download Prophecy: Forsaken, The
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