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(adventure, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Mean CreekIt all begins in a small Oregon town, when shy Sam (RORY CULKIN) confesses to his protective older brother Rocky that he is getting pummeled daily by the towering school bully, George. Together, they plan the perfect payback, inviting George on a birthday river trip tailor-made to end in the bully's humiliation. Rocky's pals Clyde and Marty and Sam's budding girlfriend Millie also join the journey, which starts almost immediately with misgivings. Seeing George in a new light, as a lonely kid desperate for friendship and attention, Sam wants to call the whole thing off. But the boat and the plot are already in motion, and no one can foresee the surprises and accidents that are to come.


Rory Culkin as Sam
Ryan Kelley as Clyde
Scott Mechlowicz as Marty 'Martini' Blank
Trevor Morgan as Rocky
Josh Peck as George
Carly Schroeder as Millie
J.W. Crawford as Tom
Michael Fisher-Welsh as Mr. Levinworth
Raissa Fleming as Maggie Tooney
Kaz Garas as Detective Wright
Shelly Lipkin as Mr. Merric
Heath Lourwood as Jasper
Ryan Peterson as Cashier
Hagai Shaham as Handsome Police Officer
Brandon Williams as Kile
Jacob Aaron Estes

With a cast of child who has similarities to "Stand By Me." A group of children in the plot to pay back the school bully from years of abuse. To take a boat trip. For more information, go to see him. It was the best film I've seen this year. Throughout the duration of this classic, one of the stuck by me: Carly Schroeder. She is going to be a star and a half. Blows you mind that the cherry blossoms, Dakota Fanning, distance. Rory Culkin, younger brother of the Macauly was perfect for the part of an innocent child, subject to his elder brother of excessive testosterone. Go see this movie, because talking about it for hours. Dinner perfect movie. Take your girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other. Children under 13 years, although portrayed in the film, are simply not prepared for the material in this movie, so do not bring their children.
*** Means 1/2/out Creek 4

"Mean Creek" is the most accurate representation of teenage life and teenage years that I've seen in a movie. Unlike "Thirteen", which is stereotypical and aims to give answers and resolutions, "half Creek" sticks in adolescence and life as a kind of beauty. The young actors and actresses do a great job, but Carly Schroeder as Millie is the best. She arrives at his gut like the innocent child who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One of the most memorable part for me is when the film Bully, George is filming with his video camera and a zoom in on an exotic form of spiral, said: "This is my life." This is a bright line, because adolescence is a horrible and difficult stage in life. High school (same one) are filled with a variety of emotions and feelings and "Mean Creek" which describes that power.

As the "Liberation", the film focuses on a canoe trip that goes totally wrong and "Mean Creek" has some themes that "Liberation" has. Jacob Aaron Estes is a director who has had a great start making movies that are totally honest in all respects.

Download Mean Creek
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