Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

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(action, adventure, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowSet in New York City circa 1939, the film centers on a reporter who notices that the world's scientists are disappearing. Teamed with a skilled pilot and an adventurous colleague, it's up to her to thwart the plans of a mad scientist bent on world domination.


Gwyneth Paltrow as Polly Perkins
Jude Law as Joe "Sky Captain" Sullivan
Giovanni Ribisi as Dex
Michael Gambon as Editor Paley
Ling Bai as Mysterious Woman
Omid Djalili as Kaji
Laurence Olivier as Dr. Totenkopf
Angelina Jolie as Franky
Trevor Baxter as Dr. Jennings
Julian Curry as Dr. Vargas
Peter Law as Dr. Kessler
Jon Rumney as German Scientist
Khan Bonfils as Creepy
Samta Gyatso as Scary
Louis Hilyer as Executive Officer
Kerry Conran

I read through some of the other comments here ... I can not imagine going to this movie expecting to be full of deep thought or philosophy, it's just a thrill ride kind of fun movie and is one of the best of these types of films that appear in decades. I knew the movie was cool because it seeks to capture a few minutes of it on a drive, but when I saw the whole movie that really blew me away as a well conceived and executed as a whole. I liked the characters, thought they were not "realistic", but having fun in the old film school type of way. This reminds me somewhat of a Howard Hawks film, actually. I like the love triangle here and wish that had been developed more. The images are striking. This film is in every way better than the new Star Wars movies .... has a great futuristic dogfights that were so great in the first 3 SW movies, but lacking in the new film, and its effects are better designed and better made from "Attack of the Clones."

Everyone who likes science fiction or just like the good old movies should see this movie. It is suitable for children and adults. Very good photography and direction, I think this will be appreciated by movie fans for the new film fronteirs too. This film gave me some hope, at last, that Hollywood does not become a wasteland of effects without a good story, so I am actually surprised that many posters here consider it to be just that. For me, this film is a gem.
Wow, what an amazing visual film. Being someone who loves the cinema and art in general, he quickly acquired the film after hearing the matter. I was not disappointed, with the exception of the story was so-so.

Almost the entire film is computer and almost looks like paint it. In fact, many scenes as if Edward Hopper had painted them. However, it is a live action film with real actors whose faces are not changed, except that Gywneth Paltrow blond hair is more shiny.

Story-wise, it's nothing special, just a corny old story about the time series that uses high-tech robots and spacecraft by the planet. The period of time, however, predates the Second World War, so this kind of futuristic robot is a bit of a stretch. However, it is strictly a history of science fiction and little profanity, except for the robots, a large retro.

Returning to "look", this film remains worth seeing because it is really impressive to see. There really is nothing quite like it. Sorry that is not going well at the box office since it does not encourage others to do more of these types of visually inventive films. This must go beyond an incredibly expensive plasma TV!

Also notable is the sound. The best sound system you have, the more you will be blown away with the audio here. It's as good as the visual. If only the story was so good!

Download Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
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