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Download Movie InfamousOn November 16, 1959, Truman Capote reads about the murder of a Kansas family. There are no suspects. With Harper Lee, he visits the town: he wants to write about their response. First he must get locals to talk, then, after arrests, he must gain access to the prisoners. One talks constantly; the other, Perry Smith, says little. Capote is implacable, wanting the story, believing this book will establish a new form of reportage: he must figure out what Perry wants. Their relationship becomes something more than writer and character: Perry killed in cold blood, the state will execute him in cold blood; does Capote get his story through cold calculation, or is there a price for him to pay?


Sigourney Weaver as Babe Paley
Toby Jones as Truman Capote
Gwyneth Paltrow as Kitty Dean
Mark Rubin as El Morocco Band
Steve Schwelling as El Morocco Band
Glover Johns Gill as El Morocco Band
Rey Arteaga as El Morocco Band
Justin Sherburn as El Morocco Band
Andrew Halbreich as El Morocco Band
Juliet Stevenson as Diana Vreeland
Michael Panes as Gore Vidal
Hope Davis as Slim Keith
Frank G. Curcio as William Shawn
Sandra Bullock as Nelle Harper Lee
Isabella Rossellini as Marella Agnelli
Douglas McGrath

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