Breaking and Entering

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(drama, romance, thriller)
Download Movie Breaking and EnteringA mother and her daughter, a mother and her son, and a man living with one and attracted to the other. Miro, a teen from Sarajevo, lives near King's Cross with his mother; he's nimble, able to run across roofs, so his uncle hires him to break into office skylights, so the uncle can boost computers. Twice they steal from Will's architectural firm, so Will stakes it out at night. He follows Miro home and returns the next day and meets Miro's mother, Amira. At home, Will's relationship with Liv is strained - he feels outside Liv and her daughter Bea's circle. The stakeout and Amira's vulnerability are attractive alternatives to being at home. The police, too, watch Miro.


Jude Law as Will Francis
Vera Farmiga as Oana
Juliette Binoche as Amira
Robin Wright Penn as Liv
Martin Freeman as Sandy
Rafi Gavron as Miro
Ray Winstone as Bruno Fella
Poppy Rogers as Bea
Mark Benton as Legge
Juliet Stevenson as Rosemary
Caroline Chikezie as Erika
Rad Lazar as Dragan
Ed Westwick as Zoran
Branka Katic as Tanya
Velibor Topic as Vlado
Anthony Minghella

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