School for Seduction

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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie School for SeductionWhen gorgeous Italian temptress Sophia Rosselini's (Kelly Brook) School for Seduction arrives in Newcastle, four friends-each hoping to release their inner sex goddess-sign up for an education in the 'seductive arts.' Taking their cue from sultry Sophia, the newly confident women unleash themselves upon their unsuspecting partners with lustful abandon-winding up in some unexpected and hilarious situations!


Kelly Brook as Sophia Rosselini
Emily Woof as Kelly
Dervla Kirwan as Clare Hughes
Margi Clarke as Irene
Jessica Johnson as Donna
Neil Stuke as Craig Hughes
Tim Healy as Derek
Sabina Loddo as Italian teacher
Jake Canuso as Giovanni
Antonio Pellegrino as Italian graduate
Emma Lawson as Italian graduate
Manuela Tundo as Italian graduate
Jody Baldwin as Gail
Tracy Hann as Laura
Nicola Blackwell as Lucy
Sue Heel

(3 / 10)

So, obviously, was that a woman takes in 'The Full Monty ", this film is so carefully constructed according to a" formula "that all life has been almost totally absorbed by it (except the actress who plays petty cash, she is pretty good). Typically British, unadventurous, predictable, visually flat (looks like an ITV drama) and not very funny. In addition, Kelly Brook works well, has a great figure and a nice smile to boot, but frankly is not the 10-out-of-10 stunner that this character is supposed to be. It is obviously made as a vehicle for her, but she has been miscast!
The long and sometimes unfairly maligned tradition of British comedy films is still alive and kicking - thanks! I saw this movie as a movie in flight between Heathrow and JFK. There were about 8 other films that passengers can choose among the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Given the strong laughter and applause erupted throughout the jumbo only at points where I was doing this there is no doubt in my mind that this film was enjoyed by many. It is a well-observed, well written and carefully movie. There are some delightful performances by the cream of British comedy actors lightly. Dervla Kirwan, latent with good looks, at first I was worried a game moderately inhibited wife, but she took him outside, and its return on the difference between appearance and behavior. British comedies may be too Counterparts Home Counties consciously or too "northern", but despite being based around the film carefully avoids Tyneside obsession location. This may not be great art, this can not transmit any message, but the important task of entertaining and making people laugh, this film is admirable, it should not be underestimated.

Download School for Seduction
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