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Download Movie BraveheartThe movie begins in the small town of Elerslie, Scotland. William lives with his father, who is not named in the film, and his older brother Malcolm. William's father and older brother are called to a meeting a few miles from their home where they find the entire nobility of Scotland hanging. Malcolm and his father then go to a battle between the British and their clan, both die tragically. At the funeral William meets his uncle Argyle who fought in the battle with Malcolm and his father. He takes him away to live with him. The scene then cuts to an adult William on his horse. William later runs into a girl he knew before he went to live with Argyle, her name, Murron, we discover that Lords have the right to sleep with brides on their wedding night, so William marries Murron in secret. Murron is the assaulted by a British guard, the guard is killed by William, a fight ensues, and eventually Murron is killed by the lord. This enrages Wallace who then build himself a fine army entering city's and killing all Englishman within. Wallace prepares to move on to Sterling where he prepared for his greatest battle yet, in the forest he realises that he must find a way to beat the heavy cavalry from the ground, he decided to create spears twice as long as men. These were used in the battle to kill the entire heavy cavalry raised at the last minute to kill the on coming horses. Eventually Wallace reaches York, the most important military city he gains control. Williams final battle at Falkirk ends in his betrayal by two nobles, whom he later kills. William is betrayed by the leper father of Robert the Bruce, is captured and refuses to bow down as a loyal subject of the king Edward I, Longshanks. Therefore, instead of mere beheading William Wallace is subject to being Hung, hung within an inch of death. Drawn, being stretched by his ankles and wrists and then having his insides shown to him before he died. Then Quartered, he was beheaded and his head was put on the London Bridge his body was torn into for pieces one sent to each corner of Britain as a warning to the citizens. After Wallace's death we see Robert the Bruce led the battle of Bannockburn the last battle for Scotland's freedom.


Mel Gibson as William Wallace
James Robinson as Young William Wallace
Sandy Nelson as John Wallace
James Cosmo as Campbell
Sean Lawlor as MacClannough
Alan Tall as Elder Stewart
Andrew Weir as Young Hamish Campbell
Gerda Stevenson as Mother MacClannough
Ralph Riach as Priest #1
Mhairi Calvey as Young Murron MacClannough
Brian Cox as Argyle Wallace
Patrick McGoohan as King Edward I Longshanks
Peter Hanly as Prince of Wales Edward
Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabelle
Mel Gibson

This is simply the best film of the story, which contains all the elements of a film should
Perfect, even taking into account that each person has the right to
His opinion. The soundtrack is impressive, the scenes are ingenious
And the story is simply excellent! This is a story about a Scots
Call William Wallace (Mel Gibson) and his struggle for freedom of
Scottish people, the oppression of the English ruler-ship. Displaying
After his wife's death at the hands of a noble English
William Wallace (Mel Gibson) sets out on a quest for vengeance that
quickly becomes a crusade for freedom whole "country". The
extreme violence and human compassion in this film are
Abrumadora in its brightness.
I saw this movie for the first time on cable, and, fortunately,
An "uncut" version. I was very shocked, but as bad luck would have
, I would not see it again for two years.

Mel Gibson is an actor, with films like "Mad Max" and
"Lethal Weapon" under his belt. "Ransom" showed that it is more than a simple
Extravagantes leading role, but was "Braveheart" who demonstrated to the whole world that
He was a great actor ... And director.

What has been planned and trapped in the camera is one of the great achievements
film of all time, and at a difficult time, too.
Looking back at previous years at the Oscars, and has "
Schindler's List", "Dances with Wolves" and "Unforgiven". Looking ahead, you have
"Titanic", "Shakespeare in Love" and "Gladiator". These are all period pieces
. Right dab come to light in the middle is "Braveheart." Is the most
Simple films above, however, is possibly the best. None argue
Its impact is greater than "Schindler's List", or its greater power
"Unforgiven", but it has, more than any of those other films, is the heart
. As with his "Passion of Christ", Mel Gibson
brings a passion to this film, and that is what sustains it.

Mel Gibson plays William Wallace, a well-educated Scots
peasant who is determined to lead a peaceful life. Well, if you saw the poster
For this movie, you probably already know that he is not successful. When
A law that is put into place that says English nobles are entitled to the first
incumbent on the Scottish bride, Wallace marries in secret. But when
found, a local noble attempts to take Murron, the wife of Wallace,
Resist, leading to a horrible execution. With few options, Wallace
Opt for revenge, and thus begins the journey from Scotland, the largest

This is a beautifully acted, directed, photographed, and designed film
With great performances, especially from an amazingly beautiful
Sophie Marceau, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Download Braveheart
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