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(drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie BlurRAYMOND WEIR is a shut in computer genius surviving in the post dot-com era. Disabled as a result of a home invasion that took the life of his late wife, SARAH, Raymond sits in his makeshift apartment above a run down bar, over medicated, mourning her loss and contemplating suicide. His only contact with the world, besides his close friend PAUL are the three computer screens that blink emotionlessly at him twenty four hours a day, through sleepless nights. There, he sees the universe, filled with images of webcams around the world, from petty crimes and private confessions, to public tragedies and natural disasters. It is here, one night, as Raymond finishes piecing together an old video recording of his late wife, that he sees a mysterious woman, LAYLA. The image of her is unexpected, sexual, as she goes through a ritualistic set of gestures that leads to an emotional plea to Raymond. Alone, in an undisclosed location, she begins confessing in a sing song voice, speaking to him about her dreams, in words that echo Sarah's. As Raymond listens, he begins to realize that not only may she know the key to the death of Sarah, but that she herself may be in danger, and that it is up to him to save her before she too becomes a victim.


Burt Bulos as Paul
Mark Halfmoon as Marty
Conor Hamill as Glen O'Neill
Charlie Hofheimer as Raymond
Saurabh Kikani as Cab Driver
Ralph Peduto as Halleck
Donn Andrew Simmons as Suit
Steve Voldseth as James Nathanson
Emily Marie Grant as Lone Woman Tableau
Lila Green-Goodwin as Larissa
Christa Martin as Lead Investigative Reporter
Kristin Minter as Candace
Katharine Towne as Sarah
John W. Kim

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