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Download Movie Batman BeginsIn tone with the early "Batman: Year One" style comics. As a boy a young Bruce Wayne watched in horror as his millionaire parents were slain in front of his eyes, a trauma which led him to become obsessed with revenge but his chance is cruelly taken away from him by fate. After disappearing to the East where he seeks counsel with the dangerous but honorable ninja cult leader known as Ra's Al-Ghul, he returns to his now decaying Gotham City overrun by organized crime and dangerous individuals manipulating the system whilst the company he inherited is slowly being pulled out from under him. The discovery of a cave under his mansion, and a prototype armored suit leads him to take on a new persona, one which will strike fear into the hearts of men who do wrong - he becomes, Batman. In the new guise, and with the help of rising cop Jim Gordon, Batman sets out to take down the various nefarious schemes in motion by individuals such as mafia don Falcone, the twisted doctor/drug dealer Jonathan 'The Scarecrow' Crane, and a mysterious third party that is quite familiar with Wayne and waiting to strike when the time is right.


Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Michael Caine as Alfred
Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard
Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon
Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane
Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone
Rutger Hauer as Earle
Ken Watanabe as Ra's Al Ghul
Mark Boone Junior as Flass
Linus Roache as Thomas Wayne
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Larry Holden as Finch
Gerard Murphy as Judge Faden
Colin McFarlane as Loeb
Christopher Nolan

I had reservations about this fear. I loved the Tim Burton Batman
- 12 years old when he left I was the perfect age for this and I also
Disfrutado Batman Returns. The franchise was so badly under Joel Schumacher
that I was not sure we wanted resurrected. No less
Because Batman is one of the few comics that I read and enjoyed as a child
And always been my favorite superhero. I grew up reading comics,
Displaying reruns of the television show Adam West and then get
Celuloide Burton's vision. I spoilt for choice as a child but as an adult I am concerned now
revision of the franchise, especially since Warner
record in the last decade until summer blockbusters with screwing around
Potential the place (I dare open the Matrix sequels?)

However, I am pleased to report that could not have been more wrong about
How great is Christopher Nolan Batman Begins. This is better than
Burton. Sacrilegio, right?! Well Burton was still in many
cartoony elements, it was not beating in the bilge of Schumacher, but Burton's Batman
was even over the top. As this was an ideal child, but Nolan's Batman
is real. Everything in this world seems plausible, and is
Therefore, a world that attracts him in. Characters' vulnerability is that
Much more present. All the cardinals, all frighten every concern, every
Excitement seems real.

Part of this is that Nolan has assembled an exemplary cast. Once again, I am concerned about this
before seeing the film. I was not sure of a cast of big names
Legends like Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman and well known names like
Liam Neeson and Katie Holmes set aside and not distract from Batman.
I was always confident Christian Bale could be the great Batman capricious he is hoping his career
State to the other, but I was not so sure.

Bale This is not only good, it's excellent. I never thought I would
really be able to imagine anyone other than Michael Keaton as Batman
final for me, but since we see a pair of Batman Begins
Days Bale has cemented itself in the position of . Perhaps we Keaton
Now may escape the ghost of Batman that has not really shaken
for 13 years.

The rest of the cast is pitch perfect. Cillian Murphy is as creepy
Hell, Liam Neeson is authorized and imposing, Katie Holmes is strong
And sexy (I thought that was particularly insipid, it must abandon
Tom Cruise and let his talent - that is only negativistas
Spare clock April - speaks for itself) and Michael Caine is a
Alfred never has been, indeed, but much more likely that a butler
aristocratic pomp that usually portrayed . Gary Oldman
also is excellent in its entirety in a rare character for him as a decent
Lieutenant Jim Gordon, which receives well over here so that Gordon has had to fazer before. Only Tom Wilkinson is a bit with a little comic
Wise-guy American accent that never convinces.

The emotional bond between Bruce Wayne and Alfred is actually a Wonderful
human heart to the film Nolan and Goyer have written

Do not let that make you think that the action is not front and center
however. From Wayne of training through the early stages of the film
His first assignments as Batman roughly the halfway point
Thrillingly a choreographed sequence of persecution and on the edge of their seats
Final this film offers the best ratio in the cargo segment.

Great villains (especially Murphy), a great story, a great cast, great
Action ... Simply put, great movie. Probably the best comic book movie
ever made (with the exception of the genius that Sin City
consider a comic-book on the move instead of a comic book movie, which will never be
Batman improved, but it's a different beast and the best of its kind).
I had the opportunity to see 'Batman Begins' only last Friday night.
I have to say that before seeing the film, I felt in my heart that this is the
'Batman' movie you have been waiting for. Within ten minutes in the
film, I turned to my date and said, "This is it! This is the
movie! "I can not believe that after all these years, Warner Bros.
finally got it right. For me the most intriguing of the film,
Apart from the great script, and high performance, it was Christopher Nolan's
The decision to base the film in reality. Batman could decide that
actually exists in our universe and our world is a stroke of genius.
Another aspect of the film which is so refreshing is that instead of focusing
is in the villain, Batman is the star of the film. And rightly so. It
Amazing what can happen when a study leaves a respected director, and
The creative team alone, and allow them to make the best film
Possible. The only two negative aspects that I can think of is Katie Holmes
And the fight sequences. Holmes Indeed, the aspect of adolescent
Game adult. Their performance is not bad for SE, it is only fair that you really do not buy
his capacity as assistant DA As for the fight sequences, I felt
angles of the cameras were too tight on the action, also edited
quickly, and turned on too dark so you really can not say what is and
Following determine who's who beat. Perhaps we can attribute this
The fact that Nolan is not a director of action. Hopefully, the film will open next
the fight sequences so that we can see Batman use
martial arts skills developed during his exile. But
Quibbles aside from those relatively minor, the film is excellent, and I am definitely
, dating back to opening day June 15, and launch a second
Time. A third and fourth: it is not definitely out of the question.

Download Batman Begins
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