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Download Movie Mamma RomaMamma Roma is a middle-aged whore of Roma. Now she can quit her job to become a fruit seller. And she can take back her 16-year-old son, Ettore. For him, she dreams of a good position. But it is perhaps too late for Ettore, whose company includes mostly teenaged louts...


Anna Magnani as Mamma Roma
Ettore Garofolo as Ettore
Franco Citti as Carmine
Silvana Corsini as Bruna
Luisa Loiano as Biancofiore
Paolo Volponi as Il Prete (Priest)
Luciano Gonini as Zacaria
Vittorio La Paglia as Il sig. Pellissier
Piero Morgia as Piero
Lanfranco Ceccarelli as Carletto
Marcello Sorrentino as Tonino
Sandro Meschino as Pasquale
Franco Tovo as Augusto
Pasquale Ferrarese as Lino
Leandro Santarelli as Begalo
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Strong and tragic film with a surprising Anna Magnani as the broken down
Women who struggle for a decent life in the poor neighbourhood of Rome. Inflexible
social realism and nobody can use music as Pasolini
As the ensuing commentary on the themes in the film. In his films the
Music is not isolated from the scene specific, but always to the film as
A hole. He does this in a way so that the viewer is forced
In the film and becomes an "active" participant in the action. It
characteristic of the Italian films in general, but succeeded Pasolini
this in the most painful and hypnotic. Perhaps with a tendency towards
rhetoric, but that does not weaken the film. This is a
After many years of working in the streets of Rome, the average age whore
Mamma Roma (Anna Magnani), save money to buy an apartment in upper class,
A fruit stand and withdrew from prostitution. She brings her teenage son
Ettore (Ettore Garofolo), which rose only in the country,
Living with her, and Ettore became his pride and joy. However, the boy
not wish to study or work, joins the idle friends, has a crush
On a bitch, and Mamma Roma uses its best efforts, but merely
Ettore straight and make him an honest man. However, his past haunts
With its tragic consequences.

"Mamma Roma", the second film by Pier Paolo Pasolini, is a
Impressive, cruel, moving, realistic and fascinating drama. Anna Magnani has
An impressive performance in the role of mother of a small trying to live an honest life
and give the best for their child. Franco Citti has a short,
Fantasy, but also acting in the role of a nasty pimp. At a time when
Hollywoodian fairy world prevails in the majority of cinemas around the world
And rents, it is good to revisit the real world in this unforgettable
Gema. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Mamma Roma"

Download Mamma Roma
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