Witness for the Prosecution

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(drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Witness for the ProsecutionEsteemed criminal lawyer Sir Wilfrid Robarts has just returned to practice after suffering a heart attack and is supposed to be on a diet of bland civil suits. But the case of Leonard Vole, a charmer accused of murdering a rich middle-aged widow, proves irresistible — particlularly when Sir Wilfrid meets the accused's wife, the remarkable Christine Vole. Christine will appear as a witness: not the defense, but for the prosecution.


Tyrone Power as Leonard Vole
Marlene Dietrich as Christine
Charles Laughton as Sir Wilfrid
Elsa Lanchester as Miss Plimsoll
John Williams as Brogan-Moore
Henry Daniell as Mayhew
Ian Wolfe as Carter
Torin Thatcher as Mr. Myers
Norma Varden as Mrs. French
Una O'Connor as Janet
Francis Compton as Judge
Philip Tonge as Inspector Hearne
Ruta Lee as Diana
Franklyn Farnum as Barrister
Colin Kenny as Juror
Billy Wilder

A film that I have not seen in years, but always remember with
AficiĆ³n. A classic thriller with all the right ingredients - Power and
Dietrich is spectacular, and at the beginning of the rules (and recent),
The rotation is excellent.

Charles Laughton however, provides us with a chuckle as glib ageing
Defence lawyer ruled by its supreme cleaning. One distraction that only
It joins an excellent plot line.

I can not imagine another film gender and age, how inicuamente
Entangles essential thriller with a 'crime of passion' (oops, spot
plot murderer ...) gem. A classic.

Film for lovers of true cinema. I am quite the!
This is one of the best "movies trials" throughout the night. It is an outstanding
film that is as good today as it was nearly 50 years ago when
was released in theatres. The shocking ending with great interest this discovery
At that time, too.

The only part of the film I thought pending date and it is unrealistic to
Tyrone Power character to be able to interrupt the trial
Estallidos and not be reprimanded for it. There is no way to
Tolerado, at least today.

Otherwise, it is a very solid film with a good cast that includes two
Fascinating characters played by actors who know how to entertain:
Charles Laughton and Marlene Dietrich.

Laughton, who plays the Power counsel, grab the spotlight in
Dietrich, but history almost steals the movie in his role as the Power
Bride. Laughton dialogue is excellent throughout, making a series of
Laughing this serious film. He's just a joy to see. Dietrich is still
More riveting but does not have anywhere near the same amount of
screen time as Laughton.

Not be overlooked is Elsa Lanchester, playing Laughton nurse. She
also shows his comic talent and meaningful, fun
see this movie.

While some as drama, the story twists, a bit of humor thrown in
And a great performance and dialogue, this is a classic movie to check out.

Download Witness for the Prosecution
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