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(action, drama)
Download Movie Wild SevenIn this darkly karmic vision of Arizona, a man who breathes nothing but ill will begins a noxious domino effect as quickly as an uncontrollable virus kills. As he exits Arizona State Penn after twenty-one long years, Wilson (Academy Award Nominee Robert Forster) has only one thing on the brain, leveling the score with career criminal, Mackey Willis (Academy Award Nominee Robert Loggia). As eccentric and intuitive as he is vicious, Mackey's own perfected criminal game will play right into the path Wilson has set for him. With the help of a prison bus driver, Lee Marvin (Richard Roundtree), Wilson acts as a catalyst, putting a plan into action that will bring an untimely end to Mackey Willis. The problem is, no plan is perfect. Meanwhile, an aimless bunch of Arizona twenty-nothings are cooking up a heist that will lead them to the same bank, with different intentions. Skilled at nothing beyond drinking, doing drugs and attending strip clubs, their plan is destined for immediate failure. Heavily armed, without a single identifiable clue, these boys are as blind as they are impulsive. With both plans loosely angled inward, the vengefully mystical presence of the Sonoran landscape will have its way and every solider will fall on his own sword.


Robert Forster as Wilson
James M. Hausler as Buckley
Robert Loggia as Mackey
Richard Roundtree as Lee Marvin
Timothy Avent as Man Shot By Young Mackey
Christopher Clark as Conner
Sean Galdo as Stanley the Bank Teller
Steve Gresser as Bank Manager
Denton Hanna as Young Mackey
Larry 'Tank' Jones as Cyrus Woods
Cyrus Lassus as Strip Club Patron
Michael Mandell as Phillip
Aldred Montoya as Serdy
Tyler Parkinson as Petey
Robert James Raymond as Cashier
James M. Hausler

I went to play on Sunday in this film and enjoyed Lafilmfest
Much. In a way, I found there is still hope for indies
Left. The story was very finely woven, but enough to keep events
My interest in the film and also had a little mysticism to what he told me
Things were not quite normal. Robert Forster, Richard Roundtree and
Especially grizzled Loggia were all cool dudes in the film and was very good
Loggia makes me feel annoyed. Kids younger
all seemed like a normal group of the twentieth somethings. They were not exaggerated
And almost seems boring at times, but it works well with the story.
There are a couple of complaints that prevented the last star, and those who are
was too short, and the other is that I did not care for
Majority of the characters. The only boy in the film that I cared
was on the character of Richard Roundtree. I recommend this movie if
never plays again.
I can understand both sides of the comments that I have read of this film about
here. Although this film is obviously heavily influenced by Quentin Tarantino
, which does not make his work any great injustice. Tarantino
He himself is indeed a "borrower". But with Wild Seven, it seems that
Under the influence categorization that makes much more sense. There also seems to be
other influences (perhaps Lynch), which are difficult to
Identify, but whatever, I think fascinating. Some
great people in the past have said that takes a few scenes to make a movie. When people think back
or discuss a film, the same two or three scenes
And it is usually those who are universally desired. This film contains scenes of this caliber
and between scenes where pleasant
Diamonds are good enough to make it worth the money. I like Wild Seven
And if you have an appreciation for innovation, you too.

Download Wild Seven
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