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(action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie SerenityThe crew of the Serenity is getting desperate. They have lain lower and lower to protect their doctor, Simon Tam (Sean Maher), and his telepathic traumatized little sister, River (Summer Glau), from the alliance, whom he rescued her from a year earlier. This has made getting jobs harder and now they are desperate. When they take River on a robbery during which Reavers (humans who have gone crazy and turned into cannibals) attack, Simon decides that its time to leave the crew of the Serenity for his and River's safety. She then mutters "Miranda" and goes berserk and nearly shoots Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), until her brother says the safety word to put her to sleep. Reynolds decides to take them back on board for safety, only now an alliance operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is on their tracks and making Reynolds determined to find out what "Miranda" is and what the Alliance is hiding.


Nathan Fillion as Mal
Gina Torres as Zoe
Alan Tudyk as Wash
Morena Baccarin as Inara
Adam Baldwin as Jayne
Jewel Staite as Kaylee
Sean Maher as Simon
Summer Glau as River
Ron Glass as Shepherd Book
Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative
David Krumholtz as Mr. Universe
Michael Hitchcock as Dr. Mathias
Sarah Paulson as Dr. Caron
Yan Feldman as Mingo
Rafael Feldman as Fanty
Joss Whedon

I have seen this movie twice in a preview of exams in May and June, and I can
not emphasize enough how gratifying it is to see this movie more than once
. The first is perhaps through an amazing journey that is
Unable to absorb everything up. Subsequent viewings really give
Any new levels of recognition. There is SO much going on here, and
is incredibly good.

There has never been a film quite like this. It defies easy categorization
gender, and has many beautiful moments, comic moments, and
Fantastic action sequences that has come to appeal to a much broader
Only a scifi "public. It really gives an important message
while being enormously entertaining - a rare feat.

Joss Whedon has produced one of its smallest, most of the scripts
never masterly, and its direction is masterful. For example, which exceeds even
Some of his own legend "one-two" of Buffy and Angel in the
introductory sequence on the ship.

Addition, the actors are talented and damn pretty to boot.
*** *** NO SPOILERS I saw the film at a sneak preview of Houston, Texas in
6/23/05. I was happy to be doing more of these characters
And this configuration.

Visually, it is impressive. The additional budget for the purpose was well spent.
The characters and their relationships are recognizable, but that
Been changes in the program. I think this is necessary within the
Theater, and part of an evolution of the television show to the big screen (the
The film takes place 6 months after the last episode, "Objects in Space") .
Things have changed.

There is a higher level of action and violence in this (duh, it's a film, not
on television), and we have some major revelations about the world (
Some who saw me and dislikes). There are some MAJOR
events which affect the characters, and I was not entirely happy with them
- Conmocionado is the word. But this is the world Joss, and his characters,
And he tells the stories he wants to say. He does not get tied
Herir our feelings, which only tells things as they are. I think he did say
this was the hardest thing that he had to write.

At least one person in our selection was a "Firefly virgin," and he says that
liked. I hope that people who have no exposure to the sample
may see and enjoy this. Our great heroes come across
So damn, and I hope that this will get some well-deserved exposure. This is a non-
has banned big-time action / adventure sci-fi story, bold and
Oil, and in a world unlike what has been described before in SF (well, except
of the "Firefly"). And I hope that makes it very, very well, and we
Come to see the aftermath.

Download Serenity
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