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Download Movie TransformersA long time ago, far away on the planet of Cybertron, a war was being waged between the noble Autobots (led by the wise Optimus Prime) and the devious Decepticons (commanded by the dreaded Megatron) for control over the Allspark, a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possessed it. The Autobots managed to smuggle the Allspark off the planet, but Megatron blasted off in search of it. He eventually tracked it to the planet of Earth (circa 1850), but his reckless desire for power sent him right into the Arctic Ocean, and the sheer cold forced him into a paralyzed state. His body was later found by Captain Archibald Witwicky, and before going into a comatose state Megatron used the last of his energy to engrave a map, showing the location of the Allspark, into the Captain's glasses, and send a transmission to Cybertron. He is then carted away by the Captain's ship. A century later, Sam Witwicky, nicknamed Spike by his friends, buys his first car. To his shock, he discovers it to be Bumblebee, an Autobot in disguise who is to protect Spike, as he bears the Captain's glasses and the map carved on them. But Bumblebee is not the only Transformer to have arrived on Earth - in the desert of Qatar, the Decepticons Blackout and Scorponok attack a U.S. military base, causing the Pentagon to send their special Sector Seven agents to capture all "specimens of this alien race," and Spike and his girlfriend Mikaela find themselves in the middle of a grand battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, stretching from Hoover Dam all the way to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, within the depths of Hoover Dam, the cryogenically stored form of Megatron awakens...


Shia LaBeouf as Sam 'Spike' Witwicky
Megan Fox as Mikaela
Josh Duhamel as Captain Lennox
Rachael Taylor as Maggie
Tyrese Gibson as USAF Master Sgt. Epps
Jon Voight as Keller
Anthony Anderson as Glen
John Turturro as Agent Simmons
Michael O'Neill as Banachek
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime
Charlie Bodin as USAF Staff Sergent
Andrew Caldwell as Cafe' kid 1
Bryan Cox as
Keith David as Barricade
Frederic Doss as Navy Petty Officer
Michael Bay

When he came the announcement of a new film Transformers summer
was very happy. I was not a great fan Transformers, but I had fond memories of
cartoons and toys. However, I hated the redesigned
Transformers, with the idea that these new designs were too busy cross
Among the toys from Lego Bionicle expressionist modern art and sculptures.
I also heard the script was poor, so I decided to skip this.

However, I began to hear comments about what the film a surprising
This movie was. "The greatest movie of all time!" People proclaimed. So I came
And with regard to those who are not robots who grew up
, it was a "new" version, and there was at least interested in finding
in Robots the transformation of cars and beating each other. I would even go see this
although I do not like the films of Michael Bay.

How? Transformers is a disgustingly bloated and self-indulgent
piece of crap. I understand that I will be valued below for my consideration, but
I am prepared to accept that. Unfortunately, my theater has not gotten the
induce euphoria gas that apparently has other theaters, causing me
Gush most of this film, like others.

Even the 1986 Transformers movie is not perfect. It is basically a
fight scene after another, and is a means to replace the old toys for
A new line, but the performance was good, showed the consequences of war, and was
death a beloved character. He remained faithful to the
Mythos, although it was different. This film refers to
Many other films that feels like a mishmash of 30 films that you have seen

Bumblebee sends a "Autobat symbol" to quote the other Autobots
As Batman. There is a scene in an underground bunker who felt
Fully extracted from Terminator 3 (and a few scenes later, use the exact
Rhythm of the "Theme Terminator"). The fight scenes
His focus and outside of the cameras' unstable cam "style seems to be
Seeking to address the battles as if they were" Saving Private Ryan "
Caliber. When Bumblebee is captured during a scene, the music swells
So mournfully and overdramatically, which makes the tragedies
Meet in "Schindler's List" seem modest.

The biggest problem in the design of characters lies in the fact that all of them really
appear. The worst offender was the Decepticon Frenzy
That seemed a pencil scribbles 3D rendered, and served as the
Zuni Fetish Doll "Trilogy of Terror". During the final battle, I
was having trouble telling who was who and where robots clashed
It is difficult to see where one begins and the other ended. The car
forms were submitted as blatant product showcases, ripped directly from a
Commercial. Once again, there was both product placement
film. EBay must have made a fortune.

The slow start to the action or even a true glimpse of the title characters
felt like "The Hulk." Pay me for a film about the transformation of
Robots, which is what we want to see.

Why should carry a lethal robot under Hoover Dam, a major water source
and tourist attraction? Why should we bring this All-Spark
middle of the desert and in a densely populated city where
property damage and civilian casualties could run their full course. The
The dialogue was painful, sounded as if it were written for adolescents,
Teens in a fanfic really bad as what people think
say. Lo que realmente me irked los Autobots es como parece que no puede matar a un
Decepticon, pero un solitario soldado derrapar en la espalda podría enviar un
Con un solo disparo. Why were the Autobots even if humans there
could do better? How is it that they can save Bumblebee, but
not be repaired Jazz? What is the difference? The
government / military / robot / nobody dialogue was totally unreal,
Officials willing to "bet their paychecks ridiculously high"
On hunches. Each line in a stroke of bad wordplay, cliches, or just sounded
Stupid. There was an extensive conversation about masturbation
between Sam and his parents that was really strange and extended too long.

Personalities also form underdeveloped. Transformers has over
Two decades of history that was not touched. The Starscream and
Megatron rivalry where Starscream tried to usurp Megatron for
Leadership is not mentioned or covered at all. Jazz cool and
Amante of fun with a sense of style, while in the film that sounds like a thief
Ghetto. His first line is blasphemy, and I felt insulted. Not
Because of the language, but the fact that apparently was the best
writers could do. Decepticons were introduced and
blown away within minutes. The Autobots are not much better. Will people who wrote the history
know anything about the subject material, and the fact that
Robots switched to the vehicle? And then Optimus Prime. Obviously, the Bay
know better than the madness of this character to south, as it was
Robot which only seemed even remotely familiar to any previous version. And
personality was quite accurate ... Until the backyard scene, when suddenly
Prime personality shifts, breaks, and that
It becomes a clumsy comedian. The next scene changes again in a
"Leader" personality.

Outside the saving grace of Prime Witwicky was Sam (played by Shia LaBeouf
), which brought a credible "gee whiz" performance of the film,
And yet, I felt bad for him to use those ham. 2007 has been really mediocre "successful" films, as
apparently assumed that our lower levels, "sit down and not think
Enjoy" with this type of film, but how it is supposed we should make a movie with that
lacks heart, personality or no focus on the main
Personality? As a stand-alone film, this is a very bad movie. As
Transformers licensed from the movie, God is a terrible shame. I
Avoid the aftermath unless drastically revise the franchise and
Get a script is not limited to the high school level in line fanfic.
This deafeningly strong, hateful, usually stagnant and glorified
epic disaster, there was a movie with too much potential to be one
the greatest of all time summer OFF THE TV AND LEAVE ever. However, despite the
Today the advances in special effects, which builds on the
A popular 1980's Hasbro toys and cartoons, with Steven Spielberg
Supervision of Production as executive producer, Michael Bay and its
Writers still guilty of becoming a "steaming pile." Breakdown I
effortlessly at all levels, why this film has not worked for me.

The story is about a teenager name Sam (Shia LaBeouf), who buys a car that
becomes a robot in disguise of another world. Then
Sam is caught in the middle of an ancient battle between two groups of
These alien robots, the heroic Autobots and Decepticons Evil. Both
are seeking a mysterious cube known as the "Allspark" which contains
His "source of life". The central plot intertwines with the story of a special team
Ops being attacked by one of the Decepticons in the
Principle, the Pentagon recruiting teams of hackers to decode
have detected a signal that, ultimately, came from the Decepticons
Hokey and a love story between Sam and Mikaela, the magnificent
bomb in his class.

As intriguing as all this may sound, in addition to the many scenes of battle,
Racing cars, attempts on the life of Sam and Decepticon attacks, nothing
passes circular Throughout history. Whatever layers of stories that
suppose that passes under the action sequences were little
Monótona and slow. Therefore, all that is left is the action, which
The final was boring and tedious to watch.

The characters are flat and moronic. Human beings are a note
Alma cartoons. They are also more than capable of damaging the
Robots, which took away from the extraordinary antagonism
original cartoon presents for our human heroes. Human beings are helpless against the Decepticons
and this made the Autobots necessary. In this
Absurda film, humans really do not need to draw the Autobots

And everything happened to people like George "Fig" and Figueroa
Maggie? They sort or left this film halfway to the final
Playing in the movie theater next door.

Addition, part of the successful cartoon was the personality of the
Transformers. They are emotional beings who are capable of
Traicionero, loyal, brave, cowardly, delinquencies and optimistic
Behavior. They are not just piles of garbage giant of the destruction of an American
Metropolis. What is the current power struggle on
Starscream between the Decepticons and Megatron? This has added
Some real complexity of this paper-thin story. Instead, the bay and
Writers settled for gesturing with a ridiculous line that rang
Megatron falser of action. Was not the Bumblebee
Amable, frailest of them all? It was essential for his eternal
Compassion human beings in the cartoons. Not in this movie, where
Obviously fought many battles and, as annoying, can urinate in a
Mankind at a given time. Now is the true nature of the
Caracterizaciones robots, in the aspect of the original were more
Participation and attractive to the eye. In this film, which seemed
Remains of metal scrap.

Then, the author of films had to take there doing jazz
Transformer with the Black-American soul, shouting, "What
B **** is it? "Ironically, it was the only thing that was easily Autobot
also killed. Now, a person under mind pull the card for this race.
I just want that the fault of lazy, unimaginative, sloppy, cut
directing and writing. In the end, I could not care less about any of the
Personality, human or Transformers.

The original Transformers punishment could be wood for dialogue.
However, when the characters are not trying to be funny in this film
The dialogue was ten times worse than the words uttered affected
caricature. It is absolutely ridiculous, with zero subtext. The
Quality dialogue lessoned exhibition in scenes where
Forced into inappropriately, like the scene when ineptly written Agent
Simmons (John Turturro) and Mikael Sam questioning in the backseat
From the SUV, revealing Mikaelas' weak story. And how many times did
Optimus Prime has to tell us your name? At one point, I thought it was
forget the many times they said his name before. In addition, the
The introduction of all-you-Transformers thing, especially
Decepticons, it was extra cheddar affected me: "I am Megatron!" Yes,
And?! The monologues underscored by the sappy music could have come
Collective "heave-hove" of this film too.

The special effects are cool, but it could have been better.
Most of the time, the wait Transformers animation instead of real, in my opinion. And
confusion, unorthodox manner in which transformed, not to mention
Detailing they have made piles of scrap, more
revealed the flaws in the computer-generated cartoons and pictures. As
Director, I will not be satisfied with the final outcome.

The most interesting thing about the meeting through a selection of this film was
The hordes of people who went ballistic over it. They
Reían anything and applauded by all. Since Bumblebee
Destrozando all panes in the vicinity of the car dealership to
Autobots skidding in unison in a U-Turn, these people every little thing
thought deserved a standing ovation. Well, perhaps they are not
Standing. But it was all so ridiculous to me.

In my view, the bay, Spielberg and writers what could have massacred
Been one of the greatest science fiction movies ever made. The only thing unbelievable
About this experience was my girl sleeping through most of it with me
Seat compared to the right along its side. Bay has shown itself to be one of
worst, in excess film directors in the history of Hollywood.

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