The Game of Their Lives

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(drama, history, sport)
Download Movie The Game of Their LivesIn 1950, few soccer players in the United States played the game with any particular degree of expertise. Most Americans had heard about the soccer only by hearsay, even though it was the world's most popular sport, and when the United States was invited to compete in the World Cup in Brazil, the country turned out to have no soccer team to call their own. The U.S. set out to recruit players in the soccer breeding ground of St. Louis, Missouri, where they found a group of young friends with almost absolute lack of an appropriate experience, only an unabashed love of the game.


Gerard Butler as Frank Borghi
Wes Bentley as Walter Bahr
Richard Jenik as Joe Maca
Jay Rodan as Frank 'Pee Wee' Wallace
Louis Mandylor as Virginio 'Gino' Pariani
Jimmy Jean-Louis as Joe Gatjaens
Zachery Ty Bryan as Harry Keough
Nelson Vargas as John 'Clarkie' Souza
John Rhys-Davies as Bill Jeffrey
Gavin Rossdale as Stanley Mortenson
Maria Bertrand as Rosemary Borghi
Terry Kinney as younger Dent McSkimming
Joe Erker as Chubby Lyons
David Anspaugh

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