Alien Abduction

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Download Movie Alien AbductionWritten and directed by Eric Forsberg, this unabashedly low-budget sci-fi flick has a young woman being abducted by aliens on a camping trip—and then going through an even harder ordeal when she wakes up in a brutal military hospital for the rehabilitation of abductees.


Megan Lee Ethridge as Jean
Mark Elias as Rescue Worker
Griff Furst as Todd
Marissa Morse as Britney
Patrick Thomassie as Bud
Jilon Ghai as Thomas
Bobby James as Dr. Booker
Claudia Katz as Major Shakti
Edwin Craig as The Director
Angela Landis as Nurse White
Deirdre Schwiesow as Nurse Green
Alisha Seaton as Nurse Schwartz
Amanda Weier as Captain Helens
Robert Lucchesi as Lieutenant Biggs
Scott Evans as Staffer Maurice
Eric Forsberg

See also: Sci-Fi: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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