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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Dot.KillA vicious serial killer is broadcasting his brutal slayings live on the Internet for all to see, and the only hope to put an end to his voyeuristic killing spree is a morphine-addicted detective in this thriller from Ghost Story director John Irvin. The technologically savvy madman has struck once again, and with each killing, drug-addicted detective Charlie Daines (Armand Assante) is coming one step closer to discovering the killer's true identity. As the clock on the next murder counts down, Detective Daines realizes that the killer has begun to take his investigation personally. Upon realizing that the hunter has become the hunted, Detective Daines sets out on a desperate mission to find the killer before he himself is slaughtered live on camera for all the world to see.


Armand Assante as Charlie Daines
Sonny Marinelli as Harwell
Raffaello Degruttola as Adam
Stanley Townsend as Byrnes
Clare Holman as Mary
Frank Nasso as Stevie
Jason Durran as C.I.T.U Specialist Mitch
Tony Schiena as C.I.T.U Specialist Pete
Jeff Merchant as Edward Maxwell
Ray Nicholas as Charles Horvath
Frank Henson as Michael McEllroy
Morven Christie as Jane
Kieran Cunningham as Frank Schuman
James Jordan as Dr. Morelli
John Irvin

One of those movies that you select Blockbuster when most of the choices are unappetizing. Armand Assante delivers a strong performance as a police detective with a bad habit of smoking, trying to run a creative murderer. In this moody, film all urban areas is above average acting and the story is well paced. The number of characters in the story is important, but the main actors (spouse, child, friend, snitch, computer-geek) are easy to follow. The murderer selects each of his victims from diverse backgrounds, and then proceeds to murder unusual - but terrible ways. If you're tired of animated animals (except Ice Age) and / or not funny slapstick comedies populate video stores, try Dot.Kill.

Download Dot.Kill
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