The Number One Girl

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(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Number One GirlJoey Scalini (Tony SCHIENA) is one of Hollywood's biggest action stars and the undefeated full-contact martial arts world champion. When his life-long friend and London mob godfather Dragos Molnar (Vinnie JONES) invites him to serve as a celebrity judge on the televised World Fashion & Cosmetics Beauty Pageant, hosted by Mr. Sakata (PAT MORITA), Joey finds himself falling for the most beautiful contestant Tatiana, (LISA McALLISTER). He is fully aware of Dragos' number one rule that his top four girls are always off-limit, so when he gets caught entwined with Tatiana the new Number One Girl, Dragos orders all doors to be locked and the nightclub stage to be turned into a fighting ring where Joey will have to fight his five bodyguards and Dragos himself for a fight to death. When the closest friends engage into the fiercest and bloodiest battle on live TV, there is much more at stake than the beautiful Tatiana.


Tony Schiena as Joey Scalini
Vinnie Jones as Dragos Molnar
Luc Campeau

I saw the cover of this and be a fool, I fell for it. Is there really anything cooler than a guy with two guns and explosions? The acting is terrible, I mean TERRIBLE! I will never be happy if Tony Schiene (was Jean-Claude Van Damme in the Wake of Death, which was very good) or make another film Luc Campeau. Script, are you kidding? There is a skirt-relentless pursuit of A-list movie star, a great British mobster, and a lot of Bimbo to make a buck and none of that even comes close to the sum. I had to do lip syncing scene three times, I can not believe this blatant lip done through synchronization (there are backup singers in the audio track ....) It is not a low budget Chuck Norris / Jean-Claude film with tons of action. Even the scene transitions sucked, the best I've seen blackouts in life.

Download Number One Girl, The
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