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(action, adventure, comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Son of the MaskA cartoonist named Tim Avery loves his dog, Otis, more than anything in the world. But when Tim and his wife have a baby, Otis starts to feel left out. But then Otis finds an enchanted mask and plots to be rid of the baby once and for all, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, up in Valhalla, Odin is infuriated at Loki for losing the mask and orders him to go get it...


Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery
Alan Cumming as Loki
Liam Falconer as Alvey
Ryan Falconer as Alvey
Traylor Howard as Tonya Avery
Steven Wright as Daniel Moss
Kal Penn as Jorge
Ben Stein as Dr. Neuman
Brett Pickup as Museum Boy
Peter Callan as Museum Redneck
Ashley Lyons as Museum Security Guard
Wayne McDaniel as Museum Person
Sandy Winton as Chris
Rebecca Massey as Clare
Issac Longmuir as Chris & Clare's Child
Lawrence Guterman

Is there any reason to revive the characters 10 years after the fact, when
the only reason it worked was the first time due to
actors playing.

Who can replace Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz - or better yet, it can replace
to cut rates and prices that most studies of knowing that sequels not
bring in as much revenue as the originals to cut corners
from the get-go go.

Where are the good films will play if powerful Hollywood studios
can clog up the 3000 opening of cinemas weekend with everything you feel like turds
general public may be in SUCKER.

Enough of enough people, this sequel-ITIS have to stop and
Hollywood, people need to start getting their act together or
begin distributing the much better foreign product that floating in limbo.

Hollywood Wake up, because the people have woken up and not
the purchase of a just cause that is new and shiny. They give us good things and
send the rest to the shelves of DVD, because you're taking back the theaters
once and for all!
I simply picture of how this film came to be:

"So how else can we screw up our careers?"

"I know! We are going to have a movie that was tremendously successful and make a sequel

"Perfect! We'll B-grade actors who have half the charisma and want
only 10% of Carrey's original salary. We will save millions and
rake in a massive profit, never mind the fact that nobody wants to see a second type
sequel to any of the original actors who made popular the first place
! We, as executives still believe honestly
was a popular movie based on the name and history, not the players who did so
in the first place! "

" Brilliant! Let's put a big budget and get the cheaper than actors
can find! "

And really, that's what Son of the Mask can be described as. Only a simple
grade B-movie that attempts to suck the life out of its original

however, if the film does not contain the words mask, or
nothing to do with the mask, it is a good film for children. For all
is massive and horrible acting flaws, this really will appeal to
for children. It's a good natured movie that really wants to shout "
just like me! "But only 8 and young people really enjoy.

Jamie Kennedy is the only worth mentioning in this film. The
is clearly trying to make the material work, play the desperate, but dad
script is so poor, the only thing that spews worth
my cup was after seeing this. The character of Loki
also deserves a mention, as he was the most pleasant character and really
only one of the reasons for older adults to see this film. It's too bad the
the character is lost in this movie, I would have liked to have actually seen the character
assume the true mask. Instead, they are reduced to
fart jokes and toilet humor near the end.

The plot is both books, I will not bother to mention here.
is all so clearly evident that even a Disney exec
would be green with envy.

Save your money, it goes to DVD in three months from the
awaiting her. Shame on those studies to once again smearing a film with a decent sequel
horrible. Do not dumb and dumberer teach them something?

Download Son of the Mask
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