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(comedy, horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie UndeadIn Berkeley, Australia, a meteor shower transforms the locals in zombies. A group of survivals fight against the zombies and try to escape to another town. However, they find that aliens built a wall around the area and are abducting the people.


Felicity Mason as Rene
Mungo McKay as Marion
Rob Jenkins as Wayne
Lisa Cunningham as Sallyanne
Dirk Hunter as Harrison
Emma Randall as Molly
Steve Grieg as Agent
Noel Sheridan as Chip
Gaynor Wensley as Aggie
Eleanor Stillman as Ruth
Robyn Moore as Officer in Locker Room
Robert Jozinovic as Man in Office
Peter Mensforth as Cricket Batsman
Jacob Andriolo as Yougn Cricketer
Michele Steel as Screamer
Michael Spierig

Rene (Felicity Mason), the beauty queen city of Berkeley, Australia,
desperately wants to leave. But as she and her boyfriend were driving
outside the city, meteorites fall from the sky turning various city-folk in
rampaging zombies. When Rene's boyfriend was changed,
watches as a mysterious stranger (whom I later learn is the city 'madman')
offices now zombiefied BF. She decides hole in the isolated farm
said 'kook'. It soon for her, man, a
husband, his pregnant wife, and two policemen who survive long enough to
figure what the hell is going on.

Aussie This film, while desperately derivatives and ripping a large-
many great films gender, is still a lot of fun. It looks much better
that is budget-Gore and dogs would be satisfied. That
however, the acting is not the largest
fairly and the film loses steam toward the end when it turns decidedly off-course. But
is still very pleasant for fans of the genre.

My Grade: B --
Something is very wrong in the quiet village of Queensland Berkeley:
are rocks falling from the sky, carrying a virus that converts local residents

meat crazed friends. And that's just the beginning of the power
slam-bang debut Brisbane two filmmakers Peter and Michael Spierig,

a bold triumph of invention and imagination of the budget and gender
limitations. Even more remarkable is the fact that two local boys Brisbane
have achieved the impossible and has created an original epic Aussie zombie

that is set up to establish the waste to the international community horror.

time since 80 years of horror boom culture vultures, Spierigs
brazenly ransacking of sources - the gray of apocalypticism
George Romero's Dead trilogy, the scandalous setpieces gore of Peter Jackson's blood-soaked
Bad Taste and braindead, the camera histronics of early Sam Raimi and
Brothers Coen efforts - while breathing new life into the
Long exhausted zombie cycle and make a film that is entirely theirs. Not
marries a description totally unpredictable effects jawdropping
(graphic enough for most jaded of gorehounds) and a terribly
assured understanding of language film. Predictably there are buckets

gallows humor, but the film never cheap laughs trade for its primary purpose:
delivery of good old-fashioned blood-curdling shock.

If Aussie horror is a dead duck, not blowing it out of the water.

Download Undead
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