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(drama, romance)
Download Movie Message in a BottleA woman finds a romantic letter in a bottle washed ashore and tracks down the author, a widowed shipbuilder whose wife died tragically early. As a deep and mutual attraction blossoms, the man struggles to make peace with his past so that he can move on and find happiness.


Kevin Costner as Garret Blake
Robin Wright Penn as Theresa Osborne
Paul Newman as Dodge Blake
John Savage as Johnny Land
Illeana Douglas as Lina Paul
Robbie Coltrane as Charlie Toschi
Jesse James as Jason Osborne
Bethel Leslie as Marta Land
Tom Aldredge as Hank Land
Viveka Davis as Alva
Raphael Sbarge as Andy
Richard Hamilton as Chet
Rosemary Murphy as Helen at the B&B
Steven Eckholdt as David Osborne
Susan Brightbill as Catherine Land Blake
Luis Mandoki

The obvious attraction for a casual viewer would love
touching story. The writer clever mixture of two rare connection
people, a sailor's boat and become teen-creator of a beautiful, sensitive artist
: an attachment of the boat-that the manufacturer that does not diminish after
the death of the artist. Such sentiments have been
strong nucleus of the great movies in the past (Truffaut's "The Story of Adele H",
Polanski adaptation of Hardy's "Tess", etc.). The film
may pale in comparison with Truffaut and Polanski, however, the theme,
performances (Newman, Penn, Kostner, and Coltraine), and photography
that is noteworthy.

Mexico-born director Luis Mandoki loves the movies with strong histories
attractive and unusual union ( "Angel Eyes" is an example) and
attract the viewer to the film by providing all kinds
positive connotations for the material. If we examine closely the film
all characters are positive and uplifting - the variety of personalities in
's press office, a father (a well-defined parent-child relationship
), a strong link between family of the deceased artist
that gradually transforms from negative to positive,
a male child who accepts a strange new father figure without Whimper ... The only negative
the characters is shown almost as a cameo is the journalist
ex-husband that she cheated. Mandoki seems to make a habit of collecting
until edifying, sweet silk items. Are you sure game or this is a
Catholic education (reference to "Angel Eyes") at work? As
director's decision, the storm sequence filmed entirely with music and words
did not raise the film above the usual films.

Mandoki as a director has the potential to do great works but
is obviously not a director who works for details of their right. It
filmed in places that do not resemble the Carolinas. However, Mandoki has
a rare skill: he always picks up first-class filmmakers (Oscar
nominated Caleb Deschanel here late and Piotr Sobocinsky "
Angel Eyes"). Most viewers would love the picture-postcard places
captured on film. But I was captivated by the camera inside game
intelligent work with light and shadows reminding one of the
works as "The Godfather: Part II". For some reason picturesque Mandoki films seem to attract
razzi Awards for his evil act (Jennifer Lopez in "Angel Eyes" and Kevin Kostner
therein). In both cases, I feel Mandoki did extract
fabulous performances by other actors (Jim Caviezel in "Angel Eyes"
and Paul Newman in the latter). Perhaps the bad performances
have something to do with whether a player controls the production and not
Mandoki that capacity as a director.

Overall, the film will be remembered not only as a great love story
, but as Paul Newman told the fine and enforcement
intelligent photography indoors.
Message in a Bottle (1999) ***

Starring: Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn, Paul Newman, Ileana Douglas, Jesse James

Director: Luis Mandoki 126 minutes Rated PG - 13 (for sexuality)

By Blake French:

What to do when someone asks you a question? Well, if you're like any normal person
, you answer. How romantic chemistry is formed between
two characters in a movie? If there is already dramatic fire when
see two characters, then you have to be way dialogue.

In the new romantic drama "Message in a Bottle," everything that the two main love
birds do is ask others and respond to questions. They meet when a Chicago newspaper
worker named Theresa found a note bottled up on the coast while
for jogging. She becomes curious to find their friends more evidence main
this man who wants deeply to comply. When she does meet him, a boat
worker named Garret Blake (hey, my name is Blake, is not that neat)
romantic music instantly around them. And the questioning begins.

Theresa calls Garret many questions, all but Mr. Blake is not reply. It
that something bad? Not really, but when a film is trying to form
chemical romance, and this is not the way to do it. The only character who seems to be living in
everyone here is Paul Newman, as the father of Blake, that all teachers
scene that is in

The landscape in "Message in a Bottle "is absolutely amazing. Of the occupied
landscape from Chicago to the blue waters of the waves and crystal clear. This type of material
sweeps me away every time I see in movies.
I would compare this movie with beautiful scenery of Montana in "The Horse Whisperer
", one of the best films of 1998.

performances in this film are mostly quite good, but there is no
Academy Award material. Robin Wright Penn is realistic and well cast. She uses
confusion and pain to create momentum for the Costner character. As for Costner
itself, however, is surprisingly bad. I mean, just
recovery over the past year "The Postman", this man should be the reconstruction of his career,
not destroy even more. It gives another "Waterworld"
kind of performance, acting dumfounded during most of the film. This is Paul Newman
that is the real surprise. He adds comic relief to all
ineffective melodrama that allows most of the film.

The characters themselves are really nice. Some are a little stubborn and bull-headed
, others will Freewheeling and providing free assistance. This is either because
variety is good, you know. I liked most Newman, but Robin Wright Penn is
up there with him.

One of the major flaws in the film, however, is the end, that is completely out of place
and disappointing. I have nothing against this type of closure, but I have already seen
in this material in recent years "City of Angels," I'm sorry if
giving something away. It leaves the audience with a sense of
depression and disappointment, as they leave the theater.

After all, "Message in a Bottle" is a close call, but I recommend it.
Thanks to some attractive features, Original Screenplay
based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, and some fascinating characters, Luis Mandoki has created a
successful film that made me enjoy during most of the way.

thanks to Warner Bros.

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