3000 Miles to Graceland

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(action, comedy, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie 3000 Miles to GracelandIt was an ingenious enough plan: rob the Riviera Casino's count room during an Elvis impersonator convention. But Thomas Murphy decided to keep all the money for himself and shot all his partners, including recently-freed ex-con Michael Zane. With $3.2 million at stake, the Marshals Service closing in, and single mom Cybil Waingrow and her son Jesse constantly confounding things, Michael must track down Murphy.


Kurt Russell as Michael Zane
Kevin Costner as Thomas J. Murphy
Courteney Cox as Cybil Waingrow
Christian Slater as Hanson
Kevin Pollak as U.S. Marshal Damitry
David Arquette as Gus
Jon Lovitz as Jay Peterson
Howie Long as Gang Pilot Jack
Thomas Haden Church as U.S. Marshal Quigley
Bokeem Woodbine as Franklin
Ice-T as Gunman Hamilton
David Kaye as Jesse Waingrow
Louis Lombardi as Boise Lawyer Otto Sinclair
Shawn Michael Howard as Roller Elvis
Michael Kopsa as Jefferson
Demian Lichtenstein

Like True Romance, Pulp Fiction and this film is the film that junk food

I love to eat. Film pure will classify this movie as crap, and so it is;

but this is crap they want the masses and the elite hates the movie. For action movies
this is big, slow parts, and the scene of action at the end I got

a little predictable, with the high kill account, rebounds, but with a wide reaching
an end. An old west show down, and is a road movie that gives

junk food I like and need escapism. He is big, Costner plays such a large
hitch in this film, his attitude makes the viewer disliked, as a
bad guys in wrestling. Costner should continue playing bad guys.

I think this is his strong point. Russell plays the hero or not so bad bad.
Russell character is the kind American all acts that also tee. Staying in

the end of this film for a bond with the credits, a video of Elvis and a

fun to make the film. Beneficiary easy, and give yourself a break and
see this movie.
Directed with a bit excessive and still very emotional "artistic" by the Hollywood style
on virgin Demian Lichtenstein, Graceland
begins with a bang.
Judging by the TV ads and theatrical trailers one can think
the film revolves around the slow brewing bubbling plan to eliminate a
Vegas casino dressed as Elvis at the International Night Elvis. But that is where
would be a mistake. The ten minutes of nonstop action that are a result
casino robbery (and in a strange dimension almost mirror
bank robbery scene for heat) occur in the first ten minutes of the film;

the other 120 minutes, revolve around the aftermath and repercussions of the

Costner, who swear to God never to do bad to my eyes, does well for himself
departs from the usual character and plays a bad guy.
The great thing about this film is that all the characters are bad guys, we just have
to decide how bad they are and how much we let ourselves care about
them. Costner, is the baddest of them all, and, finally, it becomes clear that
the bad guy is supposed to be concerned about is played by the best

"Average Guy" actor of all times ---- Kurt Russell (remember

In any case we have a romance, Courtney Cox
and Russell. We are bloody, cold heart illegitimate
(possibly), son of Elvis, Costner. We have two cops chasing them,
Kevin Pollack and Thomas Haden Church that complement each other with wonderful chemistry
. And we have a lot of supporting actors
plug any possible holes of the film can (but not); Howie Long,
David Arquette, Bokeem Woodbine (Black Elvis), Ice-T, Christian Slater.
Blah Blah Blah.

This film as a whole becomes the first film in a long time that I

know I will see several times in the theater, and one which I am sure I will < br> finally know all the words. Making a quarter of Costner
I recite word for word (Robin Hood, Tin Cup, Postman)

The relatively young director also made a single decision in the editing
the film, allowing its two stars (Costner and Russell)
reduce their own version of the film. Costner version more focused on action,
blood, guts, death, explosion, "F" word with a strange
annunciation of the "G". AND Russell focused on the budding, and slowly
flowering of love between Cox and himself. Costner's Cut won, but I can not see that movie
anywhere, because he lacks. Overall this is one of the most
fully realized, well rounded movies I've seen in quite
at the same time.

I loved it.


Download 3000 Miles to Graceland
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