Washington Heights

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(drama, romance)
Download Movie Washington HeightsIn the Latino neighborhood of New York City's Washington Heights, two sons of immigrants one Dominican, one Irish wrestle with ambition and identity, only to discover that sometimes pursuing one's dreams comes at a heavy cost.


Tomas Milian as Eddie
Manny Perez as Carlos
Danny Hoch as Mickey
Jude Ciccolella as Sean
Andrea Navedo as Maggie
Bobby Cannavale as Angel
David Zayas as David
Callie Thorne as Raquel
Judy Reyes as Daisy
Jaime Tirelli as Guillermo
Michael Hyatt as Michelle
Roberto Sanchez as Tito
Sara Ramirez as Belkis
Fernando Baez as Man In Street
Ray Castellanos as Elderly Man
Alfredo De Villa

It took a while to come into this movie and his movement and his characters,
but I never got there and was lost for a moment in a very complex history of
many levels and personalities - all in a seemingly simple entry-level U.S.

suppose that the film was whot in 16mm film and / or digital video, and once again
, a low budget does not mean a bad history. The direction and editing
worked well in a story where the entire cast was homogeneous and

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

I loved this movie from the moment Life is a Carnival began
until the end. It avoids many of the cliches that other immigrant stories
fall prey, and instead gives us a real snapshot of the lives of a handful of

characters in this neighborhood of New York. I could not
movies where everything is so carefully wrapped and by the end of all the characters "
conflicts are resolved. Instead, this film allows us to see a handful of very

live characters struggle to pursue their dreams against barriers

their families, history, love, and, most importantly, yes. For the
conclusion, we do not know all the answers of the location, but

know they are, and we care about them immensely. Nat Moss and Alfredo de Villa
deserve a big applause for having written such a touching
and history.

The film is also beautifully shot, Villa with his hand to be inserted into the text

like all great directors. In a fantastic scene, we see one of the characters
joy to announce their commitment, ask for help from his friend

and his friend reveals that it can not help due to a debt between their

parents. The character responds to the anger about the fact that his father

help his friend, but not his own son. As well as the scene is
in writing, were fired just as well, with the camera following the characters

through the cave, keeping its increasing intensity. The shooting
adds immensely to the scene. There is also a beautiful sequence that is
over many very brief moments earlier where we see a real transformation

in the main character of the artistic direction (he is an artist cartoon ). I

was beaten while watching how hard it is to show a film in the growth of

an artist, or even the creative process. However, Villa here makes it
brilliant, so it is entirely believable.

Finally, those who act in this movie is fantastic. As the star Carlos de la
film, Manny Perez wonderfully alternates, like his neighborhood, between

the high energy of his ambition, frustration (and satisfaction)

family ties, and their ambivalence about where it belongs. Tomas Milian

becomes an Oscar-worthy performance as the father / winery owner. And
numerous small papers reveal potential stars, including Danny Hoch, who is

brilliant from start to finish, and Bobby Carnival, which steals the screen

almost every moment that passes.

Download Washington Heights
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