Second String

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(comedy, drama, sport)
Download Movie Second StringAmerican football coach Chuck Dichter has worked wonders with the Buffalo Bills, and is even confident to crown his career with a Super Bowl victory, but before the play-offs an oyster food-poisoning wipes out his first team for a month. Dan Heller, an insurance salesman and former college quarterback, who was hired -relactantly, but his wife twisted his arm- just for practice, now has to captain and train a bunch of rookies and old-timers against the hardest adversaries. Dichter decides to sign up triple Super Bowl-winner Tommy Baker in Dan's place...


Jon Voight as Coach Chuck Dichter
Gil Bellows as Dan Heller
Teri Polo as Connie Heller
Richard T. Jones as Gerry Fullerton
George Eads as Tommy Baker
Demore Barnes as
Mike Ditka as Himself
Doug Flutie as Himself
Lamont Johnson as Weathers
Van Miller as Himself
Ingo Neuhaus as Johnson
Evan Parke as Mumms
Roger Shank as Brent
Mark Stoetzel as Cunningham
Nick von Esmarch as Hobbs
Robert Lieberman

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