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(action, adventure, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Into the BlueJared Cole and his girlfriend Sam Nicholson are a young couple living in the Caribbean. Jared is an unemployed diver whose dream is to find treasure in the Caribbean Sea and Sam works at a local resort as a shark handler. When Jared's best friend Bryce Dunn, a selfish New York lawyer and his new girlfriend Amanda Collins arrive, the two couples spend a couple of days experiencing paradise. But, they discover an airplane on the sea floor that crashed during a hurricane and they find the cargo on-board the airplane is cocaine. Jared and Sam's lives are in danger, when Bryce and Amanda make a deal with a dangerous drug lord who wants the cocaine. Jared's rival, Treasure Hunter Derek Bates learns what they are doing and tries to negotiate the cocaine to raise money for a expedition where he intends to find a sunken boat with treasure. Jared, Sam, Bryce, and Amanda find themselves racing against time to find the shipwreck before somebody else does.


Paul Walker as Jared
Jessica Alba as Sam
Scott Caan as Bryce
Ashley Scott as Amanda
Josh Brolin as Bates
James Frain as Reyes
Tyson Beckford as Primo
Dwayne Adway as Roy
Javon Frazer as Danny
Chris Taloa as Quinn
Peter R.V. Bowleg Jr. as Jake
Clifford McIntosh as Kash
Adam Collins as Raolo
Gill Montie as Big Dave
Dan Ballard as Scuba Bob
John Stockwell

I'm quite critical of films more pop, but I thought this was one of the best
to exit in a while. The submarine was amazing cinematography
- totally worth the price Matinée and cheaper than diving
kind of movie you need to enjoy the bigscreen.

Of course I like a lot more intelligently designed films, but also for the MTV generation
this movie has just enough, perhaps the fact that I'm an ocean person,
have one thing to treasure The romance of lost properties and Jessica Alba
-i is totally enjoy it.

I thought the casting was very sure-Paul really cannot act, but he
reminded the more than a handful of people who went to high school with -
so I could believing that his companion was obnxious-pompous classic
and some of the subplots of human greed is so universal that
I actually felt something for these imbeciles.

The real star is the ocean here and the good guy / bad as it seemed
step my brother and fit the bill. Anyway I doubt that this film will do very little
justice in a small screen, but overall the script was solid and
sea animal work is blowing.

Maybe it was just in the mood - but I liked watching and dawn swim,
God is great. It has not changed my life, but I was entertained to the end
What is the following: popcorn. This PG-13 "kiddie-action" has a solid 6 / 10
me. I had my expectations low, but that has nothing to do with
fact that this movie is so strong and firm as Jessica Alba in bikinis!
There was something more than a few moments in which there was a twist, whether
I have not seen coming or an intense moment that left me thinking "OK,
not be assumed that this is a PG - 13 film? "On top of these,
overall - green Waiting List: dialogue, characters, the tempo, photography,
edition ... Taken together, a cut above the rest in his own genre and a
"safe" choice for rent. The shame it did only 18 million at the box office because
is as good as "The Fast and the Furious"!

Download Into the Blue
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