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Download Movie Heaven's PrisonersEx-detective Dave Robicheaux has made a new life for himself and his wife Annie running a bait shop in the outskirts of New Orleans. When they save a little girl, the sole survivor of a plane crash, their lives become forever changed. They take the orphan child into their home and prepare to raise her. However, a visit from DEA agent Dautrieve brings out the detective instincts in Robicheaux and he begins to ask about the rest of the passengers. This brings trouble to Robicheaux and he turns to drug lord Bubba Rocque, a childhood friend. But the friendship becomes estranged when an assault on the Robicheaux home leaves one victim...Annie.


Alec Baldwin as Dave Robicheaux
Kelly Lynch as Annie Robicheaux
Mary Stuart Masterson as Robin Gaddis
Eric Roberts as Bubba Rocque
Teri Hatcher as Claudette Rocque
Vondie Curtis-Hall as Minos P. Dautrieve
Badja Djola as Batist
Samantha Lagpacan as Alafair
Joe Viterelli as Didi Giancano
Tuck Milligan as Jerry Falgout
James H. Hawthorne as Victor Romero
Don Stark as Eddie Keats
Carl A. McGee as Toot
Paul Guilfoyle as Det. Magelli
Chris Krisea as Priest
Phil Joanou

It is not exactly faithful to the book but the film certainly offers a pleasant

Alec Baldwin as Robicheaux is excellent, Lynch, Masterson and Hatcher are
and not give enough and the film what it takes, but are mostly forgotten
as the film progresses. Roberts shows that he has a lot of talent
to offer when it comes to a juicy part of this type.

The film is not brimming with action, but fortunately has a number of
long and exciting action sequences.

I think Baldwin is becoming something of thinking mans
action hero. While Willis is facing the brainless actioners Baldwin
achieved intelligent film. This is a good example as is the

Baldwin makes this incredibly funny movie and the actors help
Baldwin gets a little but bring the whole thing alone
Ex-police and ex-drunk Dave Robicheaux has his life back and makes a living

sale of bait outside New Orleans with his wife Annie. When a witness
plane crash in the river, Dave saves a girl and decide to save

since she has been orphaned. However, when after a visit
DEA and some local heavies is obvious that the plane was doing more

not only take a few illegal and Dave soon finds his new life to its rapidly crumbling

opening with a style and atmosphere of semi-camera confession, this film

immediately captured my interest and managed to hold despite everything
not in reality is that good. The film is set in the Deep South and is full
rather annoying Mannerisms and cliches of the area who put me in front of a piece
Despite this, I quite enjoyed, the plot meanders out of control

a bit and includes too many characters to really keep a tight grip
emotional at the hearing, but still has enough sand and tension to keep you

watching. Some elements are better than others, though - when the film focuses on
Dave and his hard research is much, but when it comes to expand
(for example, Robin) that only comes across as baggy.

The film has no scenes of mass action but has some good
and moments of emotion - especially top of a roof persecution across New Orleans.
These are good but the film does not talk too slow in southern drawls
for my taste - also make the film feels much longer than was probably
The conversation is all very well, but more than enough to set the tone and
action - and then keeps talking! Combine this with the characters and
you have a movie that can not help but feel slightly baggy and

The only thread that holds it all together even when Baldwin. The
gives a great performance throughout the film, and dealing with different emotions
that casts him. Roberts is fine, certainly better than some other
garbage I've seen him in. Lynch is given little to do but look good in a bikini
; Masterson cast is not well and does not comply with the trashy
stripper role; Hatcher was naked and looks good but his character is not dealing well
of writing. The cast includes support and Hall
Guilfoyle, but this is the film Baldwin and, moreover defects,

carries with him. The address is also good; across some very good shots to a maximum
tension and pace of the film at key moments - if only the editor

had been a little more persistent though.

In general this is a tough noir-ish thriller that works well for most
despite being stalled by dialogue and the characters sometimes. If
upgraded with the heavy Southern drawls and iced tea cliches then
is worth seeing.

Download Heaven's Prisoners
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