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(action, drama)
Download Movie SniperA Panamanian rebel leader is meeting with his financer-druglord. The U.S. government seeks to "disrupt" the meeting by eliminating them both. Thomas Beckett, an ace sniper stationed in the area, is sent to perform the mission. Since his spotter was killed by a mysterious mercenary sniper, he must be accompanied by Richard Miller, a SWAT-Team sniper who has never had a kill. The two must best the jungle and complete the mission, hindered by numerous enemy patrols, "El-Cirujano", a renegade American working for the enemy, the mysterious sniper, and the rough living in a dangerous jungle.


Richard Lineback as
Dale Dye as
Tom Berenger as Thomas Beckett
Billy Zane as Richard Miller
J. T. Walsh as Chester Van Damme
Aden Young as Doug Papich
Ken Radley as El Cirujano
Reynaldo Arenas as Cacique
Gary Swanson as NSC Officer in Washington
Hank Garrett as Admiral in Washington
Frederick Miragliotta as General Miguel Alavarez
Vanessa Steele as Mrs. Alvarez
Carlos ??lvarez as Raul Ochoa
Tyler Coppin as Ripoly
Teo Gebert as Ripolys Friend
Edward Wiley as DeSilva
William Curtin as Mountain Top Pilot
Luis Llosa

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