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(comedy, horror)
Download Movie 2001 ManiacsThree college slackers, Anderson Lee, Cory Jones and Nelson Elliot, plan a good time away from their college by heading out to Daytona Beach for Spring Break. But along they way, they get detoured into the small, off-the-map, town of Pleasant Valley, Georgia, where they, along with three drifters, Joey, Kat and Ricky, and biker Malcolm and his girlfriend Leah, are welcomed as guests of honor by the cheerful but sinister-looking Mayor Buckman for the annual Pleasant Valley Guts and Glory Festival. Unknown to the eight unsuspecting Northerners, Mayor Buckman and the residents have more in store where they plan to use the festival as a blood ritual by separating the guests and killing them off one-by-one in ultra-gory fashion.


Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman
Lin Shaye as Granny Boone
Giuseppe Andrews as Harper Alexander
Jay Gillespie as Anderson Lee
Marla Malcolm as Joey
Dylan Edrington as Nelson Elliot
Matthew Carey as Cory Jones
Peter Stormare as Professor Ackerman
Gina Marie Heekin as Kat
Brian Gross as Ricky
Mushond Lee as Malcolm
Bianca Smith as Leah
Brendan McCarthy as Rufus Buckman
Adam Robitel as Lester Buckman
Christa Campbell as Milk Maiden
Tim Sullivan

A group of sex-crazed typically uncomfortable northerners
take a wrong turn on his way to Daytona Beach and wind (thanks to some detour sign)
in Pleasant Valley, where he greeted cordially and not (although a bit < br> casualty) to the south of the city popular. Then they all start being
sacrifice of these people as revenge for having
perished during the Civil War. Robert Englund is actually a hoot as the head of
the south of this clan, as butcher and mutilate these children (dies of
acid, another was thrown with the exception of horses). If one wonders how
take this movie seriously at all that we have had a look at the cover of the
table presents a crazed Englund wear a confederate thematic
eye patch. The film is a comedy long gory as well shuts down in
excessive violence or giggle at the silliness of it. It is certainly
targeted for those who are willing to let go and see not only taking
something really serious. It has been written all over it .. "This is just a movie
. "A film like this have been incorporated into the base of fans for
offers the gore and humor Hokey (specifically refer to all
hick joke known to man, except the fart gags). If you are easily offended or
can not bend a little in the implausibility of everything .. stay away.
I saw "2001 Manacs" last night at a midnight screening at the Fantasia Festival
and I really liked ... so did the 300-400
others in the theater with me. Tim Sullivan and Christa Campbell introduced
movie and held a Q & after a meeting (I had to leave, is 2 am), but I am sure that
were pleased with the response from the audience. It's fantastic to see
Robert Englund once again, he always makes a great psycho. The film was
gory and fun ... Make sure that the plot was not Oscar caliber, but nobody
seeking that goes wrong in the film. If you want to see a good
horror movie, the real 'courage and glory', that is the movie for you.
I feel confident in recommending this film and plan to collect
DVD (especially considering the version that was screened no ha ido
the ratings board yet, so the DVD will probably the only place to see this
exact version).

Download 2001 Maniacs
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