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(action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie WaterworldThe world is flooded. Civilisation is lost under the sea. The Mariner sails his trimoran over the seas, drinking his own Urine and visits a floating atoll of "Drifters". When they find the Mariner to be a mutant they sentence him to death. Meanwhile, a girl with supposedly a map to get to dry land tattoo-ed on her back, is the objective for an attack by a gang of smokers who attack the atoll.


Chaim Girafi as Drifter
Rick Aviles as Gatesman
R.D. Call as Enforcer
Zitto Kazann as Elder/Survivor
Leonardo Cimino as Elder
Zakes Mokae as Priam
Luke Ka'ili Jr. as Boy
Anthony DeMasters as Boy
Willy Petrovic as Boy
Jack Kehler as Banker
Jeanne Tripplehorn as Helen
Lanny Flaherty as Trader
Robert A. Silverman as Hydroholic
Gerard Murphy as Nord
Kevin Costner
Kevin Reynolds

"thanks" to some false news reports about people who walk out on this great
during the film in pre-and projections about the collapse of the whole,

was doomed before it was put into
freedom is not a "Citizen Kane" or "Das Boot", obviously, but
is a very entertaining movie with a great history and awesome shots

the same movie with someone other than Kevin Costner has been made
3 times
money. to poor people ill feelings toward Costner,
didn't let them enjoy this movie

I want Costner bashers to sit and watch "Rebirth of Mothra III"
on Sci-Fi Channel some time. Then they will know that they have seen the worst
movie ever made.

"Waterworld" is an escapist fantasy / action picture, not unlike the
James Bond and Indiana Jones pictures. Costner's performance works in exactly the same level as the
Connery / Moore / 007 portraits of Brosnan and Harrison Ford
image Indy - simple, bleak, stoicism,
means a bit of spirit, little cruel, feel threatened with dirt, filth, death, or salt water

It is not perfect, by any means. I am sure that Costner cut into pieces in order
to accommodate the two-hour maximum time imposed by the study, so
that companies can get back their investment. Now is the time of
extended DVD version, which perhaps will explain that all cigarettes
came, and how smokers converted into crude oil into gasoline

7 out of 10. Costner bashers should get over themselves and start giving
Michael Bay and George Lucas what they deserve.

Download Waterworld
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