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Download Movie Bee Season11-year-old Eliza Naumann comes from an odd family; they all divert their emotional frustrations into secret channels. When Eliza unexpectedly begins winning spelling bees, what had been a stable dynamic within the family becomes disrupted; long held secrets emerge, and a latent spiritual yearning is awakened in her withdrawn father Saul and compulsive mother Miriam. As Eliza moves closer and closer to the national spelling bee, the Naumann family finds itself in a spiral of surprising discovery and jarring uncertainty...


Richard Gere as Saul
Juliette Binoche as Miriam
Flora Cross as Eliza
Max Minghella as Aaron
Kate Bosworth as Chali
Corey Fischer as National Spelling Bee Pronouncer
Sam Zuckerman as National Spelling Bee Judge
Joan Mankin as Ms. Bergermeyer
Piers Mackenzie as Dr. Morris
Lorri Holt as Ms. Rai
Brian Leonard as Mr. Julien
Kathy McGraw as Regional Bee Pronouncer
John Evans as Regional Bee Judge
Alisha Mullally as Young Miriam
Olivia Charles as State Bee Judge
Scott McGehee
David Siegel

I know that most people do not give this movie a very good discussion and that
regrettable. It's a very profound film and the viewer is made to think.
This is not the kind of movie where everything falls into place and everything ends happily
forever. If this is the kind of film that
just like then this is not for you. If you like a movie that is deep and
has a very serious story line is this.

I will try to put it in simple terms as possible, history is most
around Saul Naumann, the father (Richard Gere) and her daughter
Eliza (Flora Cross), both magnificently acted by the way. Saul is a professor
in the Jewish religion and much he wants to get closer to God but can not
. Saul is very dominant husband and father,
very self-centered, so it will not be able to see the problems that are dividing the
family, or perhaps he sees and does not want to admit it.

When her daughter begins to win spelling bees into believing that somehow
Eliza is related to God and that is how he sees the floor and can spell correctly
. The start was his teaching as one of its
students using the thesis he wrote to become a teacher. In this
thesis that the plan provides for closer to God, he tried to
but he could not, so it decided to test her daughter.

Saul's wife Miriam (Juliette Binoche) has many problems stemming back
from the time their parents died in a car accident when she was a girl
. I will not go into details here, but if you pay close attention to
the scene where he is talking to his class
him understand how this is linked to Miriam the problem and how it has decided
to resolve it. Also pay attention to the scenes where I'm assuming that
married fist (flash back) and he is explaining to
Miriam the same thing he has been talking with his class in which I mentioned scene
. Because Saul is so dominant and egocentric he
not realize she even had a problem until it explodes and all
finally becomes aware of what you're doing. Miriam tries to explain why
to Saul did what he did and if we listen carefully to what she said
you will understand.

The son Aaron (Max Minghella) has a good relationship with his father and
shown much care for him until Saul
begins to spend more and more time with Eliza. I think Aaron can be a little jealous of
Eliza because she is now getting all the attention but I do not think that
is your real problem. I think he also wants to get closer to God and
is not so sure how to begin to explore other avenues of other religions.
engages with another religion and feels that this may be what he has been seeking
. When Saul believes that all hell breaks loose
and finally realizes that the whole family has many problems. Meanwhile

Eliza thinks that is why everything that happened and is
tries to converse with God to fix it. At this time
Saul is convinced that God is related to Eliza when they go to the finals
Spelling Bee, nationals.

This is just a basic outline of the film, of course, I made
much of the film, because I do not want to give too far and
should see this for yourself and reach their own conclusions. Dar
this film a chance and I think you will like it.
In many ways, the family at the heart of this story is not that different from
family at the centre of the tragedy of divorce squid
And the whale. They enjoy the benefits of belonging to an average
upper class society and your home is one filled with books and music
instruments and a sense of harmony.

Or is it? Are the perfect family? Meet the Naumanns:
Father (Richard Gere) is an avid scholar who teaches Kabbalah. Mother
(Juliette Binoche) is an introvert who spends the time to enter other people's properties and
collection of articles (including some she gives
daughter Eliza) and in recent years has led a habit of coming home late for dinner
. Oldest son Aaron (Anthony Minghella) has a quiet intensity and
devotion to his family, especially her sister, who clearly loves. And
Eliza (Flora Cross) is one of those people who have a quiet
ancient wisdom that makes him come across more near an old soul.

The advent of a Spelling Bee - a contest of words - signs
downward spiral that eventually tears at the foundation and demonstrates the
underneath the ugliness. For people who are in love with words, and for
Saul Naumann, who teaches the vibration of words and their connection to a
greater reality, the reality of being one with the Word, which is the
most of the blame. He is the perfect student who knows what he's reading,
but not necessarily practice what he preaches. Spelling Bee
This is a way for him to bask in the Eliza feat.

Aaron gradually becomes aware of this lie at home and
is the first to openly rebels. This is a predictable move because it is
happened to the best of us. Since dad practices of the Jewish faith, why not choose
the belief that the challenges? Enter Challi (
Evan Rachel Wood), the girl whom Aaron considers attractive, like a siren calling out to him
. Of course, feels his meeting cliché, but I have seen the same kind
from encounters with people of other sects. His screen time Pat
serves to impress upon Aaron action and create a greater need to attack
Dad's quiet, arrogant Pomp.

Even so, there is a sincere move. And with the steady decline Mimi
in their own world of trinkets and theft of gifts, the only one who seems capable of
a true sense of spirituality is young Eliza
living deep within their own unformed The unnamed faith. It is of such magnitude that it
at a key moment, invoking the voice of God before their climatic
contest, suffered a seizure immediately after an intense outburst.

Bee Season is a film that looks Hokey from different perspectives, but
I spoke with his message of what it means certain mysticism. The answers are not
in what is taught, but the voice within us, and
complete faith in the world that transcends the prizes that are much higher,
much more durable, and to raise a higher level.
I know this might sound like New Age blather, and perhaps it is because of you, but for me,
is real gold.

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