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Download Movie Around the World in 80 DaysThis version of the classic novel set in 1872 focuses on Passepartout (Chan), a Chinese thief who steals a valuable jade Buddha and then seeks refuge in the traveling companionship of an eccentric London inventor and adventurer, Phileas Fogg (Coogan), who has taken on a bet with members of his gentlemens' club that he can make it around the world in a mere 80 days, using a variety of means of transportation, like boats, trains, balloons, elephants, etc. Along the way, Passepartout uses his amazing martial arts abilities to defend Fogg from the many dangers they face.. One major threat to their adventure is a detective that's following them. Why? Just as Fogg and Passeportout left London, a major bank was robbed, with Fogg suspected of using the "around the world" trip as an excuse to escape.. Their path from London and back includes stops in Paris, Turkey, India, China and USA...


John Cleese as
Arnold Schwarzenegger as
Kathy Bates as
Jackie Chan as Passepartout/Lau Xing
Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg
Robert Fyfe as Jean Michel
Jim Broadbent as Lord Kelvin
Ian McNeice as Colonel Kitchener
David Ryall as Lord Salisbury
Roger Hammond as Lord Rhodes
Adam Godley as Mr. Sutton
Karen Mok as General Fang
Howard Cooper as Academy Member #1
Daniel Hinchcliffe as British Valet
Wolfram Teufel as Belgian Dignitary
Tom Strauss as Academy Member #2
Kit West as Academy Member #3
Ewen Bremner as Inspector Fix
Frank Coraci

The film was bearable for me, but far from as good as the original. My newphew
enjoyed many of the reasons for not: Asian kung-fu fights
and pre-adolescent humor.

Actually the problem is twofold. First problem: Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg
was flat. The original David Niven played a classic
English gentleman who had many defects but acknowledged that none of them,
was arrogant and was kind to her. Steve Coogan
only played a wishy washy, insecure, nobody. The story really beaten down when
Phileas Fogg had to take lessons from Rob Schneideron be a bum
panhandling in San Francisco.

The second problem is Jackie Chan as Paspartou. I will say Jackie Chan
played its part as best we could possibly give the wrong script
and if Steve Coogan has played an arrogant rooster insurance English blindly
not see movement hazard is not sees danger with Jackie Chan
valiantly trying to save the day, this movie may actually have worked.
But unfortunately, these days the film audiences are too sophisticated for such
tricks, they need international conspiracies, rip offs
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and huge kung-fu battles that really
not make much sense.

Even cameos that are supposed to give the film star appeal
fall totally flat. The only cameo that really notice is when our intrepid adventurers
meet Prince Hapi (aka Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) and
you really realize that just because the script was bad massacred
to kidnap our heroes and place at Prince's lecherous
clutches not comprehensible to reason and then again because
Governor Schwarzenegger was very, very badly!

After all this movie is a "wait until the TV network and nothing else is
'bomb. I give it two out of five stars.
There are classic movies and funny movies and even, rarely, entertaining films that
become classics. That is certainly true of Mike Todd's 1956 "
Around the World in 80 Days" that captured much of the verve fantastic Jules Verne
the original story. This film also features basically
for the first time, the idea of an attack by cameo appearances of famous screen stars,
not always easy to identify.

Just as it is now beginning to cook at the beginning of a long, languid summer, the new
director Frank Coraci gives us an unstoppable
but getting a bit long-in-the - tooth master acrobat / gymnast / kung-fu artist / man acrobats
Jackie Chan in a very loose adaptation of the Verne novel.

Chan is Passepartout, valet to the neurotic inimitably inventor, Phineas Deputy
Fogg (Steve Coogan), but in this film his true identity is that of a Chinese
companions, Lau Xing, whose mission is to return a statue of Buddha stolen from his village
. English gentlemen have a disastrous imperialist and self-aggrandizing
their own plan that includes the destruction of the Great Wall of China
to get easy access to the jade mines. Jim Broadbent is excellent as
Victorian evil Lord Kelvin, the head of the Royal Society of Sciences that
inventor Fogg challenges to succeed in crossing the Earth in 80 days or
another cease and desist forever to participate in scientific experimentation and
Rube Goldberg-like inventing.

Passepartout, who swiped the Buddha, joined the police murderers and Chinese, led by a woman
, General Fang, in hot pursuit and service Fogg is a pretext
to return to China.

Arriving in Paris, which are linked by the beautiful
semi-impressionist painter Monique La Roche played by rising young French actress, Cecile De France
. Winsome and cute, De France clearly has a great time doing this

Coogan plays Fogg very well, in fact, he is the most interesting actor in the film
. He takes his role as Henry Higgins-type academic
prisoner who slowly falls in love seriously. The story

predictable product. Although Chan is the star, his performance is well choreographed
simply a reprise of the past in the West, where films
can show their skills. It's "Shanghai Night" again. Perhaps this is
his latest film, such as his announcement earlier this week that it intends
to be a "serious" actor from now on Iraq pushed the prices of petrol and
Bush-Kerry campaign off the front pages.

As with the original movie, cameo appearances are a small but welcome treat.
The boy who beat Mary Carey for governor of a western state last year is really
diabolically fun Istanbul as a prince with a harem and a good eye for the acquisition of
Monique. The Wilson play two young brothers and later to be
famous brothers whose great feat at Kitty Hawk, allegedly changed the world
. And Cathy Bates appears to have had a hard time not laughing as she
acted by the almost imperative Widow of Windsor.

The set design, cinematography and special effects are truly outstanding.
I can see several Oscar nominations next.

Do not take seriously this film is not going to evict the original
the pantheon of memorable films lasting. Enjoy the summer fun
vehicle has to be. Or at any rate is.

8 / 10

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