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(crime, drama)
Download Movie Johnny HandsomeA career criminal who has been deformed since birth is given a new face by a kindly doctor and paroled from prison. It appears that he has gone straight, but he is really planning his revenge on the man who killed his father-figure and sent him to prison.


Mickey Rourke as John Sedley a.ka. Johnny Handsome/Johnny Mitchell
Ellen Barkin as Sunny Boyd
Elizabeth McGovern as Donna McCarty
Morgan Freeman as Lt. A.Z. Drones
Forest Whitaker as Dr. Steven Fisher
Lance Henriksen as Rafe Garrett
Scott Wilson as Mikey Chalmette
David Schramm as Vic Dumask
Yvonne Bryceland as Sister Luke
Peter Jason as Mr. Bonet
J.W. Smith as Larry
Jeffrey Meek as Earl
Allan Graf as Bob Lemoyne
Ed Zang as Prestige manager
John P. Fertitta as Prestige salesman
Walter Hill

Mickey Rourke has to be one of the largest, lowest-rated yet,

americas actors alive today. This movie proves it. The

plays this character with layers and a depth few could achieve

or even dare. Unfortunately, most people regard to their personal lives

(abrasive personality and own) with such contempt that they refuse to

fairly judge his professional achievements.

Rourke plays a grotesquely facially disfigured man who lives

ridiculous, there is no life at home, and the resulting self-guilt led
< br> him to a life of crime. Nothing original, I will admit. But a

Rourke is to see the subtle image to see not a man of anger, like most

would give agents, and are expected by the hearing, but a

man quietly locked into their world of pain. The way it organizes its

cigarette at the top, to cover a portion of his face;

a downward tilt of his head, the eyes of anyone who avoided the gaze, or Curt, quiet

speaking so as not to draw too much attention. The example of

speech is in itself remarkable. Not only affect a Rourke

serious speech impediment as the disfigured Johnny Handsome,

but then to have a new one as a man who is now capable of

proper diction, but that is completely unused

be able to speak properly. And he is constant throughout his image.

The story is simple but good, driven with an excellent visual editing, and a wonderful

banda sonora (provided by Ry Cooder), which actually
< ; br> sets the pace. The cast is largely wonderful and, with very few recognizable

"stars". Forest Whitaker as the sympathetic but

driven and demanding medical, Lance Henrikson and Ellen Barkin in

incredible performances as two completely greedy "scum of the bags,"
And Morgan Freeman, plays a real change, as rotten, taunting

probation officer. Probably the only weak link in the cast is

Elizabeth McGovern, who attempted Louisiana accent never submits and

excess of all actors just enough.

This film remains a favorite of mine that I watch and occasionally

again, always enjoying both for the promotion of tension excitingly

of history, and great performances (and performers)

littered throughout the movie. If you like this film, I also suggest "The

Elephant Man" by David Lynch (for life-with-disfigurement

aspects), or " Warriors, "by Walter Hill, as a big, early example of this

director of the same work.

8 / 10 Mickey Rourke at his best!
"Johnny Handsome" is a flawed but fascinating work of Walter Hill.
Mickey Rourke is like a huge deflection criminal who returns to avenge the people
(Ellen Barkin and Lance Henriksen) who wronged him. The presumption of
the premise is that the enemies of Johnny will not see that comes with it
his new face, a face rebuilt after its horrible was cut into pieces.
Unfortunately, this potentially rich premise is quickly discarded and
the film becomes a more standard crime with a thread pointless love story thrown in.
Johnny's love interest, Elizabeth McGovern, who is in great
a similar role in "Racing With The Moon", is wasted and not just
belong to this material.

Lance Henriksen and Ellen Barkin are great as two of the oiliest
lowlifes to impact with a cinema screen in years. Barkin
pronunciation of the word "geek", referring to his character Rourke, is hilarious, as is the crime
couple of incessant badgering from each other. If the film
has focused more on this duo and less on McGovern and other sub -
involving Forest Whitaker, who are charged with a terribly written
role as a doctor who tries to help Johnny , Would have been a real contender

The opening robbery scene is classic Hill - brutal and economically -
and sets high expectations for the chaos to come. Ry Cooder slide
Result guitar is mesmerizing, and Mathew F. Leonetti 's cinematography is
capricious and beguiling.

Ultimately, the film is a gritty pulp novel compromised study
concessions. What is this shame to mourn.

Download Johnny Handsome
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