Sweet November

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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Sweet NovemberNelson (Keanu Reeves) is a man devoted to his advertising career in San Francisco. One day, while taking a driving test at the DMV, he meets Sara (Charlize Theron). She is very different from the other women in his life. Nelson causes her to miss out on taking the test and later that day she tracks him down. One thing leads to another and Nelson ends up living with her through a November that will change his life forever.


Keanu Reeves as Nelson Moss
Charlize Theron as Sara Deever
Jason Isaacs as Chaz Watley
Greg Germann as Vince Holland
Liam Aiken as Abner
Robert Joy as Raeford Dunne
Lauren Graham as Angelica
Michael Rosenbaum as Brandon/Brandy
Frank Langella as Edgar Price
Jason Kravits as Manny
Ray Baker as Buddy Leach
Tom Bullock as Al
Adele Proom as Osiris
L. Peter Callender as DMV Proctor Don Watson
June Lomena as Beatrice
Pat O'Connor

I really should not be seen in "Sweet November" defects than the previous
reviewer saw. His cynical does not review the film, its history or
his message of justice.

is excellent, without doubt, but "annoying" is a comment from someone
with their emotions firmly implanted where the sun does not shine
, and communicates more about the reviewer than it does on the

addition, it is not a fault in itself, that the end of a movie is predictable and
I get tired of this being used as negative criticism. The message is
in history, and a surprise ending is the last thing this charming story
needs, or fortunately, has.

Oh, and someone like me used to be just like the character Reeves
is the beginning of the film, I can relate to what is
to discover that there is more to life . His character is very real, but in
surreal kind of way that only those who really have been there and
escaped, truly understand. Now, if only I had someone as charming as
Ms Theron to show :-)

anyway, this is not an "epic" film or even a " ; big "movie - only one of its
film with a story about messages and excellent performances
that will tug your emotions - not entirely a bad thing in a cynical age

Download Sweet November
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