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(drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Hide and SeekHide and Seek revolves around a widower (Robert DeNiro) and his daughter (Dakota Fanning). They move to upstate and Emily (Fanning) soon creates an imaginary friend named Charlie...but this act takes an unexpected and terrifying turn, where her father and doctor (Famke Janssen) start to worry about Emily's gruesome habits.


Robert De Niro as David Callaway
Dakota Fanning as Emily Callaway
Famke Janssen as Katherine
Elisabeth Shue as Elizabeth
Amy Irving as Alison Callaway
Dylan Baker as Sheriff Hafferty
Melissa Leo as Laura
Robert John Burke as Steven
Molly Grant Kallins as Amy
David Chandler as Mr. Haskins
Stewart Summers as Doctor
Jake Dylan Baumer as Disturbed Boy
Josh Flitter as Little Boy
Brendan Sexton III as Store Clerk
Jacqueline Lovell as Party Guest
John Polson

*** This comment contains definitely saboteurs !!!***
Robert De Niro's recent film "Hide and Seek", ie IMDb as another commentator said,
"watchable" movie . While it is decently fact, its failure to become a success
box office was due to have his screenplay is pretty cliché. The
plot line as the central character of the film turned out to be the
real villain is nothing new. Probably was first used by Agatha Christie
in his novel "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd"
eighty years ago. Even with the most twisted this
central character / villain himself probably not remembering the crimes due to
memory of repression, the plot is still nothing new.
Rod Serling and others use this kind of plot line for decades. (Some readers may
I remember a 1963 Twilight Zone episode "The New Exhibition" in which the
central character played by Martin Balsam kept in the assassination and murder
but I do not remember any of his crimes because to his memory repression.
blamed the killings on the supernatural acts of its wax statues.)
trodden Because of this plot, the so-called surprise ending to this movie was not much more
of a surprise. The only thing unexpected about the end of
the film worth mentioning is the fact that screenwriters
led the moviegoers to think that this movie was a horror movie
in an appearance that was called Charlie Behind all the horrible things that happen
at home Calloway. The screenwriters of the film
borrowed liberal of the Japanese film "Dark Water" to make
see the film as a horror movie. For example, like the Japanese
movie "Dark Water", 1) Calloway home consists of one parent and a child
, 2) Charlie initially revealed himself only for the child and
3) Charlie seems to be associated with water, especially for
bathtub. At the beginning of "Hide and Seek," many fans of Asian horror films and movies like
took this film to be a horror movie,
similar to "Dark Water." To the surprise of some of moviegoers, the film
proved to be a movie thriller in which none of the horrific events of the film
was supernatural. They were all acts of
dual personality of the insane character played by de Niro. Although

de Niro did an admirable job playing the mentally ill
psychologist, his act was not good enough to save this topic and not
script. "Hide and Seek" is nothing more than watchable, but not very unique.
This horror / thriller / (perhaps) the film is nothing supernatural
truly remarkable, or anything that you have not seen before, but it's quite watchable
. Following the suicide of his wife, psychologist Robert De Niro's character
withdrew to a place as isolated rural
therapy for traumatized daughter. Things are starting to get creepy when
develops an imaginary friend who has a decidedly vicious streak.

've been complaining for some years, you really need Niro
pay a little more attention to the species he accepts parts:
has been in too many stupid comedies. Here finally see it in a dramatic
role, and he is pulled out professionally, is not really a
inspired performance, and you have to wonder if his next classic
role will come.

that apart, 'Hide and Seek' is a proper dark and creepy film.
His main fault, at least as far as I am concerned, it is essential that its
"secret" was evident in about half an hour from the end. I still held
hoping that I was wrong, but I think nobody
seen enough movies of this kind would have to work out by a process of elimination, and
addition, the film blows its own cover Fully a good 10 or 15
minutes from the end, that leaves you with a rather disappointing and predictable
run home.

The DVD includes four alternate endings, three of whom are directors
finally decided 'dark', and that the public deserves some kind of positive
" ; reward "after having sat through both
traumatic things. I disagree. At least two of the three 'dark alternate endings
would have improved the film, which is a sting in the tail. Well
god, go through a mental list of great horror films, and not find many who shun
of endings that are "too dark."

Download Hide and Seek
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