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Download Movie Daddy Day CareIn the hilarious comedy Daddy Day Care, two fathers (Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin) lose their jobs in product development at a large food company and are forced to take their sons out of the exclusive Chapman Academy and become stay-at-home fathers. With no job possibilities on the horizon, the two dads open their own day care facility, "Daddy Day Care", and employ some fairly unconventional and sidesplitting methods of caring for children. As "Daddy Day Care" starts to catch on, it launches them into a highly comedic rivalry with Chapman Academy's tough-as-nails director (Anjelica Huston) ...who has driven all previous competitors out of business.


Eddie Murphy as Charlie Hinton
Jeff Garlin as Phil
Steve Zahn as Marvin
Regina King as Kim Hinton
Kevin Nealon as Bruce
Jonathan Katz as Dan Kubitz
Siobhan Fallon as Peggy
Lisa Edelstein as Crispin's Mom
Lacey Chabert as Jenny
Laura Kightlinger as Sheila
Leila Arcieri as Kelli
Anjelica Huston as Mrs. Gwyneth Harridan
Khamani Griffin as Ben Hinton
Max Burkholder as Max
Arthur Young as Nicky
Steve Carr

Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin are two parents who lose their jobs in
product development in a large food company and decide to set up his very own
daycare center. Using unconventional methods' Daddy Day Care '
begins to catch, so that the rivalry of Anjel Huston
Chapman who runs the academy and has already driven all other competitors
out of business.

Daddy Day Care is really fun for the whole family and has a cast of characters who really
is concerned, Murphy and Garlin
Huston, along with children around to fine performances
Daddy Day Care a success.

6 / 10
Y'know, it kind of sad to see some of the comments bemoaning Eddie Murphy
oath to not enough anymore. It's almost as if some people equate
foul language with humor. If you're one of those people who thinks that a cartoon drawing
much fun with swearing in it, then you certainly not as
Eddie in this movie.

Overall, I found DDC to be harmless, unpretentious entertainment
directed at children, of course, but with just enough adult jokes thrown
to keep parents happy. In short, a film formulas for children, designed for parents
of being boring and fun for children.

The plot is silly and predictable, but do not go to such films
looking deep and genuine social dialogue or witty comment. You
simply going to be entertaining. DDC and not deliver in this regard.

Particularly fun is Steve Zahn, as both cliché Star Trek geek
which alone can speak with one of the children - in klingon! What makes
type to steal a lot of scenes where he is in Anjel
Huston is beginning to see real old, but still menacing screen presence has certainly helped her land
the role of Mrs. Harridan (yep, that really is its name)
in this picture. I think that would have done a much better Cruellas
Ville Glen Close overacting landscape munching version 101

The only thing I found a little irritating about this movie was
the number of times a microphone popped in sight at the top of the screen.
I have counted at least five cases. I grew up kind of used to this in the 80
straight-to-video days, but you really can not wait to see that today, so
is a bit annoying.

Apart from that, the movie is harmless and fun. And for those who complain about Eddie
oath not enough .... this is a movie KIDS,

Download Daddy Day Care
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