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Sean Bean as Jason Locke
Alex Kingston as Lisa Locke
Charlie Creed-Miles as Billy Reynolds
Tom Wilkinson as John Dyke
Larry Lamb as Peter Chase
Gareth Milne as Chippy
Amelia Lowdell as Nicole
Michael McKell as Wayne Lovell
Holly Davidson as Suzy Welch
Terence Rigby as Henry Hobbs
Billy Murray as Perry Elley
George Jackos as Kiri Christos
Sally Hurst as Beverley
Louise Landon as Jemma
Gary Love as Detective
Terry Winsor

Sean Bean plays a gangster in this film que se basa en la vida real
Range Rover murders.Charlie Creed Miles stars as Billy, the driver
gangsters who gets involved with all of it.

It does not sound like a good movie, but when watching television, violence and rape
is so brutal that makes you see outside the
Some people have never seen violent men who, if they see this,
was halfway off.
The most disturbing thing is that these events took place a few years ago.I
not spoil over the film, but all I can say is, this is what goes
behind closed doors in Essex County.

The film is a British gangster thriller which is inspired by the story of what
happened.You see Billy slide in and so we have sympathy for this
character.The film is sad but it's worth renting, which will
for about two hours, but it's nice and the rate of disturbing.I
3 / 5.
A good film on several levels. The unflattering comparisons
that some critics have made between him and the usual suspects are completely
wrong direction as the intent and effect in the two images are
dissimilar. Winsor movie, it seems to me, brilliantly evokes both the
drabness and cruelty of the criminal mentality. It does so in part by electing
dull and flat with its landscapes Essex
coastal marshes, gray accessible by highway, flash nouveau riche mansions and
tawdry glamour of places promenade. The characters are both repellent and
, however, strangely mesmerising. This is not a film in which
is easy to lose interest. Nobody can do better than psycho-bandit Sean Bean, and
Charlie Creed-Miles has created a dangerously weak as Billy,
which is almost possible to feel sorry for tasteless.
The film is very well lit, although I did find levels
sound a bit dodgy at times is a film that, despite the critical remarks, is not a million miles from
Get Carter on quality.

Download Essex Boys
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