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Download Movie AlexanderAlexander (Farrell), the King of Macedonia, leads his legions against the giant Persian Empire. After defeating the Persians he leads his Army across the then known world venturing further than any Westerner had ever gone all the way to India.


Anthony Hopkins as Old Ptolemy
Jared Leto as Hephaistion
Colin Farrell as Alexander
David Bedella as Scribe
Jessie Kamm as Child Alexander
Angelina Jolie as Olympias
Val Kilmer as Philip
Fiona O'Shaughnessy as Nurse
Connor Paolo as Young Alexander
Patrick Carroll as Young Hephaistion
Brian Blessed as Wrestling Trainer
Peter Williamson as Young Nearchus
Morgan Christopher Ferris as Young Cassander
Robert Earley as Young Ptolemy
Aleczander Gordon as Young Perdiccas
Christopher Plummer as Aristotle
Gary Stretch as Cleitus
Oliver Stone

The U.S. Reviews have been really terrible and IMDb is user rating
less than King Arthur, so I'm wondering if Europe has a different
cut, because the film I saw was excellent. Problems, yes, like Anthony Hopkins and Val Kilmer
Hamming away and Angeline
doing a very strange accent. Farrell is not bad although he did not have enough small moments
to work with shade for the role: Clive Owen after the
unfortunately poor performance in King Arthur is incredible that is
Farrell critics laughs a.

not involved in the characters as much as it should, but his
a surprising film, a real movie. It feels like it has been done for real
not by a computer from someone like crazy and vainglorious
as Alexander himself. Not a total success, but 80% of visits that the goal
is really smart and ambitious and is worth more than a bunch of images
works best if you know what I mean.

I think the reason Hollywood is so dumb down
now is when someone tries to do something different on a large scale as Alexander,
Heaven's Gate, red, Erase una americas time, the right thing or films like
that critics is that Americans always complain dumb
public and filmmakers can not receive them and tear them a new hole
* * beep killing retire the box office. Certainly seems to be the case with Alexander
. This is not the most successful film I've seen this year, but
easily one of the best.
Firstly, I do not feel much of the need to comment on the film because
many others have written and have said so many things.
But I think there are some really important points he made, and I have not seen
whatever. So here I am writing.

In my opinion, almost everyone misunderstood the relationship between
Hephaistion and Alexander. In the modern world, especially in the West,
two men are either very close to each other, sleep together, and have
sex, or maintain a good comfortable distance from each other and, if they are
friendly, perhaps another punch in the arm. In this movie,
see a relationship that is difficult for most people understand today,
namely a passionate love relationship between two men in which sex is not very important and
Possibly even absent.

Aristotle explained essentially the entire film almost at the outset, when
told the young couple something like this, the best thing I can
I remember that, "If two men are along with lust, is more leniency.
But when two men are together in purity, they can perform wonders. "
Or something like that. Given what I know of that culture, I am sure that
"purity", not sex, or at least very little. That is why we never see them
kiss. In the film, as in many old films, is a kiss
metaphor for sex. Even when Alexander kisses her mother, refers to
the idea of sex. That's why Alexander kisses bag, but not

Now I am not sure if the true historical Aristotle would have made that observation
. That is not exactly what it says about homosexuality in the
ethical Nicómaco. But the observation is sufficiently plausible since Alexander
could easily have heard this idea during his youth. Plato (before
Aristotle) expresses that idea, and Zeno of Citium (after Aristotle)
did too. Therefore, even if Aristotle never said that Alexander,
what is sufficiently plausible that the idea was in the air and he heard someone Alexander
or otherwise.

Some have complained that the "homosexuality" (assuming that A's relationship with
Heph. should even be called that) was launched in its
too expensive. But it is crucial to the plot. Stone is hypothesizing
Hephaistion which is essential for Alexander did. In addition, it is a standard convention for Hollywood
juxtapose a love story with some great
political, military, or any other big event. There are tons of examples
. Titanic, Enemy at the gates, Gone With The Wind ...
the list could go on forever. It's really homophobic to complain Stone
continually returning to this theme, because it has a perfect state
artistic reason to do so.

A few more details: Alexander's hair. I believe that Stone is trying to make
see how Alexander Martin Potter in Satyricon - a wink to

Alexander's accent and gentle appearance. Another wink to a great director
past, this time Stanley Kubrick. Farrel really looks very similar to
Ryan O'Neil in Barry Lyndon. In fact, he actually resembles a
Ryan O'Neill / Martin Potter coalescence. I think it's deliberate.

The smoothness of the personality of Alexander. In a lot of scenes that made sense
. It was mild enough to know how to approach bucephalus
and tame it without scaring him. He was open-minded enough to take a lot of
The Persian culture and encourage marriage, while the other more
"man" people around him were less comfortable with the idea.

Yes, if you have not figured out by now, I like to make the film. Popular
hatred of the film is difficult for me to understand.

Download Alexander
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