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(drama, romance)
Download Movie GuinevereConnie, an aging Bohemian photographer, meets mousy Harper, headed for Harvard Law from a high-powered San Francisco family, and immediately sees her beauty. He also guesses she has talent and invites her to be his pupil and share his bed. He's Alfred Stieglitz, she's Georgia O'Keefe, and he calls her his Guinevere. When she realizes she's the latest Guinevere in a string of ingenues, she bolts, only to return, sick of her family. She's blossoming, reading, learning, but hasn't yet taken her first photograph when he tells her they're going to L.A., broke, him drinking too much, to sell some photographs. On the trip, she finally snaps the shutter; so does her awe and dependence.


Sarah Polley as Harper Sloane
Stephen Rea as Connie Fitzpatrick
Jean Smart as Deborah Sloane
Gina Gershon as Billie
Paul Dooley as Walter
Carrie Preston as Patty
Tracy Letts as Zack
Emily Procter as Susan Sloane
Sharon McNight as Leslie
Gedde Watanabe as Ed
Carlton Wilborn as Jay
Sandra Oh as Cindy
Francis Guinan as Alan Sloane
Oded Gross as Gary
Grace Una as April
Audrey Wells

I suspect that the theme of this movie is more common among fantasy
"mature" single men. That is, finding a very young woman who needed guidance and love
not attach strings, and his plan to leave it as it grows.
"Guinivere" is difficult to see in places, particularly because partner
arrives in LA and becomes crystal clear to what she really their man
question. However, it is a well-done study of human needs and
conflicts. And, ultimately, decisions.

Guinivere mother's analysis is spot-on, only mature women do not have
"awe" of this photographer dysfunctional, and that is why he is always with a
much younger woman.

gave me this movie "8" "10". Not because it is fun to watch, but
because it does an excellent job of exploring family relationships and
individual growth. In addition

October 2006: Seeing part of it again today, I realized something that I
escaped in the first viewing. The first time you asked your selection
which of the two photos is best, was only the creation of the rest of his
trick. The used it as a kind of trick to believe she had a photographic
It is a cloudy, little very little cinema. Obviously
Audrey Wells is a talented writer-director, but I found a lack of reliability in the execution of

its history. However, Jean Smart offers a brilliant performance
that enriches the film, which makes it memorable. She nails every second of the

film that is in; his monologue towards Rea is a devastating piece of acting
which was shamefully ignored by the Academy. This woman is one of the best

actresses of her generation, and if you saw her hilarious, Emmy winner

spot on "Frasier" you know you have strong comedy chops, too. Give Jean Smart
better roles!

Download Guinevere
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