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Download Movie Bringing Down the HousePeter Sanderson is a divorced, straight-laced, uptight attorney who still loves his ex-wife and can't figure out what he did wrong to make her leave him. However, Peter's trying to move on, and he's smitten with a brainy, bombshell barrister he's been chatting with online. However, when she comes to his house for their first face-to-face, she isn't refined, isn't Ivy League, and isn't even a lawyer. Instead, it's Charlene, a prison escapee who's proclaiming her innocence and wants Peter to help her clear her name. But Peter wants nothing to do with her, prompting the loud and shocking Charlene to turn Peter's perfectly ordered life upside down, jeopardizing his effort to get back with his wife and woo a billion dollar client.


Steve Martin as Peter Sanderson
Queen Latifah as Charlene Morton
Eugene Levy as Howie Rottman
Joan Plowright as Mrs. Arness
Jean Smart as Kate Sanderson
Kimberly J. Brown as Sarah Sanderson
Angus T. Jones as Georgey Sanderson
Missi Pyle as Ashley
Michael Rosenbaum as Todd Gendler
Betty White as Mrs. Kline
Steve Harris as Widow
Jim Haynie as Ed Tobias
Aengus James as Mike
Jernard Burks as Widow's Bodyguard
Bronzell Miller as Widow's Bodyguard
Adam Shankman

"with what the House 'is the latest variant of that old chestnut
cartoon in which a wisecracking, free spirit-type" of the lower social orders & # 39;
invades the life of an uptight stuffed-shirt kind - not only get to it
loosen up the neck and throw their inhibitions, but also shows you a thing or two about
what really matter in life. This is basically a primer for a Culture Clash Comedy
course 101, with a pair of veteran teachers comics
in part to teach us all how.

In this case, Steve Martin plays the uptight lawyer who is so obsessed with
his career that he has already lost his wife on the issue and appears on the road to
alienating their children as well. When Pedro meets what he
cree which is a potential love interest in an Internet chat room, the figures
his life could only be turning around for the best. Peter is fixed for all
a romantic evening - champagne, the lights dim, `a man and a woman '
playing softly in the background - when, to his door, which should appear, but
Big Bad Mama, Queen Latifah, as Charlene Morton, an ex-convict who wants Peter
to help it eliminate its dossier crime swears that she did not commit.
Peter is at first reluctant to accept this strange woman in her house and
life, but Charlene is nothing if not persistent and it gets its horn
in the form anyway.

Jason Filardi The script plays almost all memory. We know,
despite their huge differences in culture, background and personality,
that these two titans comic great friends end up as the end of history.
Nothing "about what the Parliament 'surprise, however, that there is a certain amount of
comfort to be derived from familiarity and predictability.
It's an old formula, but it works quite well here, thanks mainly to
policyholders, energy-efficient and Martin Latifah in the comedy
functions. These two masters of comic genuine chemistry working together,
large enough to offset stereotypes that permeate the film.
Filardi not reach some moments of genuine hilarity by mixing slapstick
and social satire in roughly equal measure. The satire is not in a very high level of sophistication
but good enough for a mass audience
company like this.

Director Adam Shankman is also blessed with a strong supporting cast that includes Eugene Levy as
nerdish - but `freaky '- business associate
obsessed with the Wild black woman as Charlene, Joan Plowright as Snooty,
eccentric matron whose account Peter is determined to win for his company, and Bette
like Peter White intolerant neighbor next door who is eyeing askance all the strange
goings-on in the house lawyer.

"with what the House" is at its best when it simply lets herself go,
forgets about the plot, and enables its performers to dazzle with their
sheer likeability, is In other words, Martin Latifah and dancing in a storm in a bistro
Louisiana, leaving Martin to break into a spontaneous dance routine, while
infiltrate a nightclub in black. It is in the worst case in the final scenes when the heavy hand
plot mechanics threaten to torpedo the whole project.
Fortunately, we have Martin and Latifah to help keep the thing afloat. The
vehicle itself can sometimes creak, but the stars never
Tax attorney Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) has been declining for
Charlene Morton (Queen Latifah) over the Internet. She sent him a photo of
her, but she was just a small figure in the background, took
a court in prison clothes and fists by two policemen, while in the foreground
There was a young, slender, white-looking yuppie lawyer
talking to a reporter. Sanderson cree que Charlene is the yuppie
and arrange a date. Of course you're surprised by the appearance of
Charlene (Latifah is black, "thick" and Streetwise in the movie) and the fact
she is a contract that has made the time. Charlene is the motivation to acquire
affordable, quality legal services to clean their record - she swears she is innocent

ostensibly a film that comically explore the serious issue of racism
(and other kinds of prejudices appearance)
between two different communities, so that Parliament is more a series of < br> loosely connected gags. It plays like a sketch film, with the theme /
subtext as a unifying factor. In this, or the jokes are mostly sketches
success, although the film is not very funny enough to function as a
outrageous comedy and not quite serious enough to work as a "message < br> film, "although sometimes approaching both accounts.

The three members of the principle cast - Martin, Latifah and Eugene Levy
- are good, with Levy being underutilized, but for me, some of the best material came with
cast. Joan Plowright as Mrs.
rich Arness, Kimberly J. Peter Brown as
former sister-in-law Sarah and Betty White as Mrs. Kline, Peter usually all the neighbors
stole the show when it first appeared. They were given the most scandalous
material, with Arness Kline and particularly racist.
White's character is similar in tone to its excellent supporting role in
Lake Placid (1999), although it was little here.

For some, it may be an asset to the film tries to veer away from
becoming cartoonish. I think we have benefited from moving
more absurdist territory - for my taste, even if
Martin has had many great films, has never exceeded Jerk (1979), but
that's too much of a preference personal for me as a really
fails. It is also interesting that Scripter Jason Filardi
tries to work in most serious crime / drama towards the sub-climax, but it is a
too little, too late, and it is a strange change tone, although the
comedy bit about the sub-are good. For serious side,
than the material on racism, the strongest aspect is that
Charlene Peter teaches how to be a better father and family man. A
higher than in the final scenes were really moving.

Generally speaking, with what the House is a bit of a mixture, but
poses as a light "sketch comedy / drama," is entertaining. My
Classification occasionally leaning towards a 7 but remained closer to a 7.5 or

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