Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

Download Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure
(adventure, animation, comedy, drama, family, musical)
Download Movie Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure


Scott Wolf as Scamp
Alyssa Milano as Angel
Chazz Palminteri as Buster
Jeff Bennett as Tramp/Jock the Scottish Terrier/Trusty/Dogcatcher
Jodi Benson as Lady
Bill Fagerbakke as Mooch
Mickey Rooney as Sparky
Bronson Pinchot as Francois
Cathy Moriarty as Ruby
Mary Kay Bergman as Si
Debi Derryberry as Annette
Barbara Goodson as Darling
Nick Jameson as Jim Dear
Tress MacNeille as Aunt Sarah/Am
Andrew McDonough as Junior
Darrell Rooney

Another good Disney animation. Consequences are not always that great

and tend to follow the same plot as the original. However, the son tramp
tries to savor the world outside the home and family to know and learn
really where it belongs. Being a Junkyard Dog is not for everyone, er

dog that is, but Scamp overcomes adversity. The voices of the various characters

were magnificent and provided by several players know as Scott Wolf, Alyssa Milano
and Mickey Rooney. Entertaining and well done
a family film.
If viewed as an independent role, I can not say that is too bad at all
but from where I stand this sequel and the original "Lady and the Tramp
" do not agree about with others! They are two completely different
films with different style, different personalities voice,
different narratives and the only thing they share with others is
visuals (for example, the city house-by Jim Dear, Darling, Lady and the tramp)
and none of them have changed.

If you're looking for any kind of continuity years after the release of the original
for those memorable songs like "Bella Notte" and "The Song Siamesse
Cats" this sequel does not give you any at all!
Almost every song has a little pop to it and the good old characters and as Jock
Faithful, Jim Dear and Darling and Aunt Sarah and their
cats can be seen, but it seems they are somehow to be replaced by new characters, not to mention Peg
not listed at all, whose voices are quite annoying. Even
Lady tramp and do not appear often enough to Scamp?! He is
so spoilt! And treats his father tramp with absolute disrespect, then runs away with
no remorse even after hearing how much we are losing the
to start! And called his brazen escape an adventure! I would say that Scott Wolf
actually carried out the bad guy in Scamp ending with the typical Disney
cute animal that is a first.

"Lady and the Tramp 2" is not too bad, but I hope a lot more charm
a sequel of a true classic - Scamp is chavvy, so it's his girlfriend
Angel and there is a weak argument. Still, I think you should try
at least once because, as I say, there are far worse movies of all.

Download Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure
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