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(drama, horror, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie White NoiseWhen the unexpected happens, architect Jonathan Rivers has become a grieving widower, wallowing in deep confusion over the death of his wife. But a paranormal expert approaches Jonathan with the unlikely: the ability to hear his wife from beyond the grave. Through a form of unusual communication known as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), Jonathan will finally be able to see his wife. But in doing so, Jonathan has drawn himself into a much more complex situation when his curiosity becomes an obsession. Only that obsession will have him confront those not of this world, and some of them don't approve of Jonathan's interference with their destructive nature.


Michael Keaton as Jonathan Rivers
Chandra West as Anna Rivers
Deborah Kara Unger as Sarah Tate
Ian McNeice as Raymond Price
Sarah Strange as Jane
Nicholas Elia as Mike Rivers
Mike Dopud as Detective Smits
Marsha Regis as Police Woman
Brad Sihvon as Minister
Mitchell Kosterman as Work Man
L. Harvey Gold as Business Man
Amber Rothwell as Susie Tomlinson
Suzanne Ristic as Mary Freeman
Keegan Connor Tracy as Mirabelle Keegan
Miranda Frigon as Carol Black - Car Crash Woman
Geoffrey Sax

I often comment on the total dirth really scared at the movies
market, and unfortunately White Noise only served to reduce my faith in the film industry
remains capable of such an effort. I was surprised
growingly find myself increasingly fatigued as the plot and took my
static induced by increased headache. I found that White Noise is absurd
beyond our best efforts of the suspension of disbelief.
Even after witnessing the terrible ordeal sustained by Michael Keaton,
is absolutely not affected by his disappearance. Until appropriations diligently
I waited for something - anything - of substance to connect to the characters I
history, but that measure never came. Of course, there was the occasional moments of
heart stopper, but only because the loud noises tend to
to make the viewer Dozing.

While the action is lame, Michael Keaton may have played his studliest
role to date. Perhaps the only redeeming quality that has White Noise
to offer is the impressive archietecture while the Abode of Keaton.
In general, White Noise leaves one with the morbid
depressing idea that those who die are trapped in a world guarded by three malicious
shadows, to fool the Achieve living in the following
killed their own graves.
Interesting. Intense. Something original. All words to describe a conversation with Johnny
Betts. But they also apply to Michael Keaton's
White Noise. What we have here is a story of ghosts
which addresses the subject of electronic voice phenomenon, or, as cool as well as children
call it - EVP.

For those of you who, unlike Johnny Betts, master ghost hunters are not
EVP is the alleged disclosure of the spirits through the White Noise of
staticky radio stations , Television stations and other electronic devices
. People really believe in him, and if you do a quick search in
Internet, you can find a lot of websites with audio files that
say prove the existence of EVP. Opponents of this brush with
explanations of the "chaos theory" and cross modulation.
I let you do your own research if you are interested in the topic.

If you're looking for a factual record for exploration of EVP is possible
legitimacy, then you could not find it in White Noise. This is a film that takes
an issue popular among ghost hunters and glorifies. Reminds me a little
The Mothman Prophecies,
which is a fictionalized account of what was supposed to be a "true story."
I have no problem with that. That is what movies are all about.

Michael Keaton crawls out of rock beneath everything that has been under
, do your best "Bruce Willis in The sixth sense" impersonation,
and dives into the world of receiving messages from the dead. Folks,
can nitpick the logic of death if desired, and believe me, most
are critical. "Why would you just put your life on hold and successful
devote all their time trying to receive messages from his wife through a lot
radio and television static? "Dunn. The tragic death of a spouse can make
rare things to people. In addition, you know, is a movie! And in the
film, which does not actually receive messages from the dead. I suppose that had figured
try, it worked, so it got greater participation. Lighten.
is called fiction.

"Yes, well, if his wife wanted to contact him, why does not she
send clear messages? Why do I have to do so through static? "
Because that is what is Executive Vice President of all! Take it proponents
EVP, not the movie. I fully agree that one of the things that makes so many people
skeptical about EVP is that the messages are never
complex. If I heard an EVP who said: "Tell Johnny Betts
that the afterlife rules, and he must keep the film from Mark van strong", then I
probably be convinced. But what we get is a lot of one-syllable words and sounds
connect. That is not to blame the movies.
Deal with it and move forward.

As some of you know, I am a big fan of thriller / horror genre.
True, White Noise is not one of the best of all time in the genre, but
is normal. Do not convince me to run home,
record a TV channel for hours and then play again to see if Uncle Jack
was sending me a message from beyond. Like an apology for that little streaking
be halted completely ruined my 16th birthday party.
But what did the movie do is entertain me. The mystery is deliberately
his pace, has kept my interest, and provided some creepy
moments along the way.

things begin to get very intense near the end of the film, and
some people might not be happy with the end. But note that
try to communicate with the dead is a bit of dark matter. Some people, like
describes the film, I think that if you can contact their dead relatives
, then we hope, will know that everything is in the right
after death. They want some kind of message for the closure.
But I'm just curious, what if that message is, "Burning. Hell. I screwed. "?
I am guessing that had a bit of a kick in the pants.

But back to the movie ... if there is good in the hereafter,
there must be evil as well, right? In the film, contacting the dead
Initially, it seems quite harmless. But why do you think that only good
would respond if that creates the human / portal after death? What would happen if
evil also decided to communicate? White Noise
has a viewpoint on this issue, and one can not expect that everything is cute and cuddly

Now, if you excuse me, I will get a closer listen to this
static from the radio. Let's see. Sounds like Uncle Jack! I can only
it ... "Johnny. Reviews. It is not fun. Leave. Now. "Um, yes, just as I thought
- nothing more than a bit of cross modulation! The essence
White Noise is an interesting take in the history of ghosts, using the theme of
EVP as a backdrop. It is not what I call fear, but
has its share of creepy moments and effective jump scenes.
If you're looking for a docu-drama on the scientific accuracy of EVP
then you might be disappointed, but if you're in the mood for some chills to start the
years after White Noise just might suit you.

Rating: 4 (5)

Download White Noise
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