Shallow Ground

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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Shallow GroundA naked teenage boy covered in blood appears at a remote sheriff's station one year after the brutal unsolved murder of a local girl. Now Sheriff Jack Shepherd, guilt ridden over the girl's murder, must confront his own demons as he desperately searches for the boy's true identity and possible victims. Little does Jack realize that he has started down a path that will bring him face to face with an unthinkable horror. Before sunrise the living will pay for the pain the dead have suffered.


Timothy V. Murphy as Jack Sheppard
Stan Kirsch as Stuart Dempsey
Lindsey Stoddart as Laura Russell
Patricia McCormack as Helen Reedy
Rocky Marquette as Boy
Natalie Avital as Darby Owens
Chris Hendrie as Albert Underhill
Tara Killian as Amy Underhill
Myron Natwick as Harvey
Steve Eastin as Detective Russell
John Kapelos as Leroy Riley
Christine Avila as Mrs. Underhill
Ori Pfeffer as Curtis
Victor Campos as Bus Driver
John MacKane as Passenger #1
Sheldon Wilson

A user comment asked whether they had seen the same film as everyone else,
because otherwise it could not account for all the positive comments.
My theory is that it was a labor of love for the people who slogged through
$ 100k to get this done, and they all came here and wrote
good reviews to pump it . Not only that no other possible explanation for the overwhelming
good buzz Gigliesque
this movie is receiving.

massive spoilers hereafter:

's refusal to read the comments are quite right. There are plot holes
, useless characters and unfinished subplots galore, and you're
expected to suspend disbelief to the point where it snaps and breaks.
The murderer of a widow is absolutely ridiculous. His motivation
that is supposedly her husband and her daughter were killed
working on a dam project, for what happened after those involved in the construction of the dam. In
one years is usually a wife and mother raving psychopath
that not only chains girls naked before she casings them (something
middle-aged women simply do not) but keeps
parlor in their bodies until they have to be held up with wires and fish hooks. The Sheriff
wanders in at one point and he is only one quarter away, and yet
not notice any kind of stench. I had a dead mouse trapped behind my
wall once had to hire a guy to come and spray.

I do not agree with enormous praise for this movie because the film
not suck as bad as a typical movie $ 100k. So what?
The coach should be. It is not what makes a movie good
to anyone other than technology-dweebs. It also disagrees with the comment
someone says that nobody is going to see a horror movie
waiting for a decent plot or depth. That I do. Without those things the gore is like seeing a
of those afternoon news magazine shows about surgery - gross, but hardly
frightening. Comments that really sums up this movie pretty well.

The gore in this film is excellent, but has absolutely no punch because
lasts too long. Time and again we see the Bloody Boy
up its presence begins to raise a sigh. At the end when he or she feels about the widow
throat, it was quite unpleasant, but then it does
for so long you start wondering if maybe he lost his wallet in that country.

I looked at this DVD, recommended by a friend who I now owes its
firstborn child, and I caught the last minute because of director commentary
wanted zombie thing that tore out Bloody Boy
heart in the end I explained. The director refused to explain
all, simply saying that he liked that people did not get it. Let me translate
for anyone who does not speak arrogant artist: "I can not write a coherent plot
to save my life and when someone asks me who I am going to pretend I find it amusing
three of whom are too stupid to understand. "

Download Shallow Ground
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