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Download Movie ShowtimeLAPD Detective Sergeant Mitch Preston cares only about doing his job and nailing crooks. LAPD Patrol Officer Trey Sellars joined the force as a day job until his acting career took off. During an undercover drug buy Mitch was working that Trey botched by calling in for backup and drawing media attention, Mitch's partner is shot with a very exotic 12-gauge automatic weapon; Mitch then shoots the video camera out of the hands of a reporter filming the action when the cameraman refused to shut it down. Faced with a $10 million lawsuit, the department agrees to let producer Chase Renzi film Mitch's investigation for a new reality TV show, and constantly tries to make everything more "viewer friendly" by changing everything about Mitch's life to fit the stereotypical view of police officers—and partners him with Trey.


Mos Def as Lazy Boy
Robert De Niro as Det. Mitch Preston
Rachael Harris as Teacher
Eddie Murphy as Officer Trey Sellars
Zaid Farid as Police Captain Ben
Alex Borstein as Casting Director
Holly Mandel as Producer
Marshall Manesh as Convenience Store Owner
Nestor Serrano as Ray
T.J. Cross as ReRun
James Roday as 'Showtime' Cameraman
Joel Hurt Jones as Reporter #1
Chris Harrison as Reporter #2
Perri Peltz as Reporter #3
Amy Powell as Reporter #4
Tom Dey

I can not understand why so many
people did not like this movie.
Robert De Niro was at the top of his game,
delivering their lines with such aplomb,
one has to believe this is
conduct their daily lives. Of course, the film
seemed to have friends in many conventions of film
while trying to make fun of the concept,
it goes without saying that this movie was really fun
. Since the police dog,
the fact Eddie Murphy not bother
omprobar the outside me, this movie is a real keeper
. Rene Russo also stuffed with
the rest of the cast perfectly, establishing
its role so as not to interfere with the budding relationship between

De Niro and Murphy.
About the best you can say `Showtime '- a cop pull friends
comedy starring Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy - is demonstrating that a lower
script may be at least partially to overcome the first-rate performances

You can not go too wrong when you have acting talent of this caliber
working for you. De Niro and Murphy portraying LAPD two officers who are recruited to be the center of
characters' "for" a new type of Cops' reality television show, where a camera crew
follow the two appointed their rounds because
prosecute suspects, round up criminals and ultimately make the streets of LA safe
for common, decent citizens who reside in it. De Niro's Mitch Preston
is a reluctant participant in the series, while Murphy's Trey Sellars
is a wannabe actor with stars in his eyes he sees this as his golden opportunity to
is large in the world of entertainment.

The first problem with the `Showtime 'is that it feels more like a high`
term' exercise of a real movie. Despite the fact that there is a
number of amusing moments in the film, too many scenes fall flat
well as both comedy and drama of action. The saving grace is that De Niro's
underestimated cynicism provides an effective counterpoint to Murphy's
over-the-top enthusiasm, so it just enough to wring tension comic
Laughs of the weakest, even material. It is a joy to see these two
benefits at work and are very well complemented by Rene Russo as the driven
TV producer whose idea excuse history.
William Shatner, playing himself, also generates some laughs, often at his own expense
good natured.

however, the film itself is a failure. A major
dictums of the script is trying to show the discrepancy between police work as
is portrayed on the screen and police work is really like. In fact, the movie opens with
veteran De Niro instructing a class of primary school children
on the mundane realities of life at work. However, the film betrays its own theme
devoted himself all the inane shoot-em-up cars and hunting scenes
is supposed to be satirizing (the scenes are not exploited for
comic effect, which could have provided some much needed for the satirical bite
procedure). Worse still, the "serious" version of history, involving
drugs and arms deals, not to generate any interest or suspense.

Oh well. De Niro and Murphy are such likable actors that the film comedians,
for all its many weaknesses, manages to whiz by without inflicting too
boredom and pain. `Showtime 'is a completely innocuous and forgettable
waste little time, but fans of these actors, at least
We appreciate their efforts.

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