Rollin' with the Nines

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(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Rollin' with the NinesIn London, the former small time criminals and rappers Too Fine, Finny and Rage release a hip-hop CD of their band "Time Served", promoted by their friend Pushy, expecting to be successful and make lots of money. But when the violent drug dealer Temper murders Too Fine due to a debt on drugs, rapes his sister Hope and threatens their family, Hope kills Temper in his apartment sooner and Finny and Rage execute his partners in a night club. The dirty but efficient Detective Andy White and his partner investigate the murders and try to find and arrest the killers, while Finny, Rage, Pushy and Hope returns to the criminal life, associating to the former partner of Temper, the powerful gangster David Brumby, dealing drugs on the streets.


Vas Blackwood as Finny
Robbie Gee as Pushy
Terry Stone as Detective Andy White
Naomi Taylor as Hope
Billy Murray as David Brumby
Simon Webbe as Too Fine
Jason Flemyng as Capt. Fleming
Dominic Alan-Smith as Det. Ed Haines
Roffem Morgan as Rage
George Calil as Det. Newmyer
Ian Virgo as Josh
Daniel Bayle as Dickie
Marvin Campbell as Drug Dealer
Paul Davis as Officer Walker
Spencer Fearon as Devon
Julian Gilbey

Another comment on states that this is "blocking action" without
jokes and yes, this is largely the case.

This is a very good shot, gangster movie. Most of the players are
the south Londoners and in this case, unlike blocking actions, which are black.

This follows a crew to enter the world of distribution of crack cocaine
(to tell you why it would be a spoiler) and must search to get bigger and better

It is well with the interaction of local police and has to do with
the "new" violent gun culture that has appeared in the UK during the past few years
, since the crack cocaine have entered the market.

This is well written and very well shot. However, history does not always
and celebrate together while the main female character is
strong lead, 2 of the main men did not reach this very high level.

Please note, there are scenes of violence in this movie, as well as shocking
the first time I saw Joe Pesci doing something ridiculous in "Casino"
The music is authentic and enjoyable and "top guy", however, is a
stricter and more attractive film
Vi Rollin 'with the nines in Newham Showcase Cinema on Friday
and I was very pleasantly surprised! The first 20-25 minutes was perhaps
very difficult to get into. This is a bit of a bombing of their senses
get thrown into this world to the depths. However, the film
changes direction to the half hour mark and goes from strength to strength

The best bit of the whole film was the first incursion into the yardies.
This was as good if not better then the Hollywood movie NARC, which i love.
It is really excellent, has the heart racing and was filmed
brilliantly. Another scene is the story of sawn off 12-gauge,
original and cunning.

me and my colleagues who went to see that we all agree Rollin 'was better when
after the copper. Weird I know, because after most gangster films
what kind of marks you want to be a gangster, but the film shows the characters
of life so brutally after the film is kind of makes you < br> want a hard ass detective, even though they were "corrupt" police! The best performance is
Terry Stone, who has a real screen presence
, stealing scenes outside the seasoned Brit film actors as
Vas Blackwood and Jason Flemyng.

A truly brilliant effort for a low-budget British film, I hope it receives
film moment that rightfully deserves, especially when your garbage
as Scary Movie 4 that there was obstruction our rooms! You might start
very heavy for the middle film goer stick, but with him, because at the end
do not want to finish.

Download Rollin' with the Nines
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