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(comedy, fantasy, musical)
Download Movie Joe's ApartmentJoe comes from Iowa to New York and, being short of money, wants to find an apartment with very low rent. His quest is successful, but he must share the residence with some 50,000 cockroaches. The insects turn out to be Joe's best friends.


Jerry O'Connell as Joe
Megan Ward as Lily Dougherty
Billy West as Ralph Roach
Reginald Hudlin as Rodney Roach
Jim Turner as Walter Shit/Cockroach
Sandra 'Pepa' Denton as Blank
Robert Vaughn as Senator Dougherty
Don Ho as Alberto Bianco
Jim Sterling as Jesus/Cockroach
Shiek Mahmud-Bey as Vlad
David Huddleston as P.I. Smith
Frank Bello as Stick-Up Man #1
Lord Kayson as Stick-Up Man #2
Alejandro Molina as Stick-Up Man #3
Wayman Ezell as Apartment Broker #1
John Payson

This film is quite funny. What it lacks the intelligence, which compensates
in the fun.

Joe (O'Connell) just to New York City and in his first apartment.
The only problem: it is infested with thousands of cockroaches to speak. They
appears to be a pain in Joe's butt, but cockroaches reached
more useful for him what he thought.

This film is not classic, of course, I do not believe that none MTV Movie
be considered classics. But they are really fun (see also
Beavis and Butt-Head Do americas and dead man on campus).

This is a hilarious and fun little movie, even for people who do not like mistakes.
8 / 10
I enjoyed this movie, although one thing - had an irrational phobia of
cockroaches since I was young, and only got over it a few years ago just before this
film came out. Just as well - I could never seen otherwise. For
cockroaches closely watch the performance of the song and dance made me a little
nausea at first, because it brought memories of those times when I got too close to a real
Roach, but after a while, kind of forget that
are dirty and disgusting pests and really start enjoying
and anticipating its next comic routine. For me, the stars of the show are cockroaches in
fact, I can not even remember who acted in it after a while.

Download Joe's Apartment
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