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Download Movie She Hate MeHarvard-educated biotech executive John Henry Jack Armstrong gets fired when he informs on his bosses, launching an investigation into their business dealings by the Securities & Exchange Commission. Branded a whistle-blower and therefore unemployable, Jack desperately needs to make a living. When his former girlfriend Fatima, a high powered businesswoman--and now a lesbian--offers him cash to impregnate her and her new girlfriend Alex, Jack is persuaded by the chance to make easy money. Word spreads and soon Jack is in the baby-making business at $10,000 a try. Lesbians with a desire for motherhood and the cash to spare are lining up to seek his services. But, between the attempts by his former employers to frame him for security fraud and his dubious fathering activities, Jack finds his life, all at once, becoming very complicated.


Anthony Mackie as John Henry 'Jack' Armstrong
Kerry Washington as Fatima Goodrich
Ellen Barkin as Margo Chadwick
Monica Bellucci as Simona Bonasera
Jim Brown as Geronimo Armstrong
Ossie Davis as Judge Buchanan
Jamel Debbouze as Doak
Brian Dennehy as Chairman Billy Church
Woody Harrelson as Leland Powell
Ling Bai as Oni
Lonette McKee as Lottie Armstrong
Paula Jai Parker as Evelyn
Q-Tip as Vada Huff
Dania Ramirez as Alex Guerrero
John Turturro as Don Angelo Bonasera
Spike Lee

First, let me say that I like Spike Lee. The 25 hours is a classic. The correct fazer, Malcolm X, Crooklyn, Mo. ... Betta, 4 girls
(Doc) ... bright. But She Hate Me? If this was a document, I would
an "F" for not thesis or organization. I refer to what happens peak? You
Damage to my heart. I defended him. I was with you to Girl 6,
hung in there waiting for a redeeming factor in Jungle Fever. I thought
are gaining ground on his back when I saw the Summer of Sam. Having regard
Bamboozled and said: "Well, I see the point." But She Hate Me? She
hatred? Are you serious? I refer to what the %#$@! Lesbians and
white-collar crime? Where is the logic? When I think of Enron, I do not think Ellen.
So why peak? Why? And I watched this movie the hope that something will
make me feel better about it, but nope ... never happened. Spoiler Alert:
And the experience or the culmination of the whole movie: White Collar Crime is bad
and all lesbians need is a good stiffness ... you get the point. And then Ken Lay and
Ellen and Portia de Rossi we all live happily ever
to Coney Island. It was like a nightmare sequence is crazy. Spike, do
even know any lesbians? What about women? Do you know any women? Because
female behavior in the film even close to a real female character
of any kind, as a matter of fact ... There are no characters in the whole spectacle
had any ounce of realism. This film is an enormous caricature of
stereotypes, quasi-political rhetoric visual exaggeration. Spike,
She does not hate him. But I hate. Spike, come on ...
we got to do better than this.
It's safe to say that most people do not like Spike Lee. He is a radical
he is racist, and a lot of people do not like your movie. That
explain the rating of 3.3/10 She Hate Me in IMDb, taking into account most of them
have not seen the film. Either that, or can not handle everything that
Lee (and co-screenwriter Michael Genet) put in
plate. However, Lee could barely handle all of it, and it shows. Lee
There's so much to rant about and make fun of the film
GAL and occasionally feels too heavy for having too
to talk about. At 138 minutes, it does to go a bit too long, but that's the only way
Lee can fit everything he wants to speak on their
film. Surprisingly, everything has its place, and most of the
works quite well.

John Henry Armstrong (Anthony Mackie), also known as Jack, works for a pharmaceutical company whose prestigious
medicine to cure AIDS
has just been rejected by the FDA. However, CEO Leland Powell (Woody Harrelson)
done some illegal transactions, causing Jack sounded its whistle
and subsequently dismissed. Not being able to get a job anywhere else,
Jack's broke up his former girlfriend Fatima (Kerry Washington) tries to
him with a plan. For $ 10000, will impregnate her and her partner
Alex (Dania Ramirez). He is initially reluctant, but he decided to go ahead
. Soon, Fatima takes a lot of lesbians in their place, for all
$ 10,000 each. Jack has the moral issues that deal, but his old company
him under the corrupt business practices.

From the opening credits, where bills floating dollar, which ended with a $ 3
with George W. Bush on it, you know that this movie will not be easy
. Lee launches another attack on Bush later, and that addresses the issues
corporate corruption, homosexuality,
stereotypes of black men (and women), and the importance of whistleblowing. That
definitely is too material to work and it shows.
In the film, there are about 45 minutes without talking about the development of Jack
being planned. And there are some fun thrown in the comedy, which is
quite fun, but makes the film disjointed. One serious scene connects directly to a
funny. It was not very balanced. And I could have done without the sub-
Jack's parents. It does not really lead anywhere.
And then it all comes down to a courtroom climax.

however, the film is always fascinating when Lee exposed to these things.
is too much for him to handle, as I said, but what he can consistently throw in
is interesting and entertaining. The film is one of the most fun
year, and during such
courtroom climax, which is rooting for Jack, because he has been through what has been
across. You recognized the cruelty of the company, so I feel
with Jack, and because it is normal that capacity, can go along with
what he feels and everything wrong that happens to him (
that much). Although the comedy, you understand what is happening
across when you see animated sperm with Jack in the face of it, when he is
too tired to continue with the impregnation.

Mackie does a great job. What makes some emotional work, and although
in a place or two, it appeared he was going by the book, which includes a sympathetic
acting work. Washington has a more realistic acting
performance, but both are great. Both add to her hate me,
somewhat confusing but entertaining, fun (if in the wrong places), and
criticize drama. You either love it or feel offended by him. I think
a chance worth taking. By the way, that flashback to Nixon,
et al., Could be the most fun time of year.

My rating: 7 / 10

Rated R for strong graphic sexuality / nudity, language and a scene of violence

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