The Stepford Wives

Download Stepford Wives, The
(comedy, drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie The Stepford WivesJoanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) is a successful TV producer on the verge of yet another Emmy-winning streak of TV shows when she is fired from her job at a prestigious network. She then has a mental breakdown and her husband Walter (Matthew Broderick) and their two children (Dylan Hartigan, Fallon Brooking) move to Stepford, Conneticut, the most perfectly perfect little town there ever was. The women of Stepfrod spend all day knitting, gardening, exercising in beautiful dresses, and are the most splendid of all women on Earth. Soon, Joanna along with her best-selling author buddy, Bobbie (Bette Midler) and Democratic, flamboyant fairy friend Roger (Roger Bart) realize that something isn't right in Stepford. All is not as perfect as it seems...especially after Roger and Bobbie are turned into perfect portraits of Stepford. Why are the women of Stepfrod so perfect? What do the Stepford Husabnds have to do with the scheme? Will Joanna ultimately uncover the truth? Or are the Stepford coming for her to make her a blonde, bubbly piece of perfection?


Nicole Kidman as Joanna Eberhart
Matthew Broderick as Walter Kresby
Bette Midler as Bobbie Markowitz
Glenn Close as Claire Wellington
Christopher Walken as Mike Wellington
Roger Bart as Roger Bannister
David Marshall Grant as Jerry Harmon
Jon Lovitz as Dave Markowitz
Dylan Hartigan as Pete Kresby
Fallon Brooking as Kimberly Kresby
Faith Hill as Sarah Sunderson
Matt Malloy as Herb Sunderson
Kate Shindle as Beth Peters
Tom Riis Farrell as Stan Peters
Lorri Bagley as Charmaine Van Sant
Frank Oz

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