Phantom Force

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(horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie Phantom ForceThe Venture, an old Trident nuclear submarine, has picked up an ancient and powerful artifact called the Hades Stones off the ocean floor and brought it onboard. THE STONEKEEPER, guardian of the Hades Stones who is sinister and powerful, is intent on destroying the sub survivors and taking them back through the portal. The stonekeeper and his stone demons attack, killing the entire Venture crew. The portal inside the Hades Stones fills the sub with the accursed souls of the past. A distress signal goes out from the submarine. Then nothing, no further contact.

Jack Bavaro, head of Interceptor Force, realises the Hades Stone and its demons may have taken over the sub and simply destroying the submarine with a torpedo won't work. So now it's a battle at the bottom of the ocean for the Phantom Force to destroy the Hades Stone and save the world from never-ending evil.


Richard Grieco as Mark Dupree
Nigel Bennett as Jack Bavaro
Tangi Miller as Potts
Jim Fyfe as Cutler
Jenna Gering as Rebecca Weaver
Hristo Shopov as Commander Vukorov
Atanas Srebrev as Kyle Hudson
Tyrone Pinkham as Joe Murray
Christian McIntire

OK, it was quite a night on the satellite, so my lack of attention, i sailed beyond the Sci-Fi Channel.

The start was rocky, he had made clear to the TV movie production values and acting and anti-x sub files to say the least, however, the concept was not bad, and there some non technical precision you get in most action movies.

Grieco really needs to be told to speak clearly, I mean, the guttural Whisper thing is a bit sticky and you will be bored after hearing stammer his way through a sentence, and this film does not win him any Oscars But in general, fit into the big hero in a hole in the film.

It felt very much like someone had recently been playing Doom, the plot of the current-Stanko hidden terror of video games these days, but as a whole, the plot hung together, but had a hell of a lot of directors do not advantage and could have done much more. effects ranging from mild to very nice, but the inconsistency does not help matters.

Worth seeing, just for once, shame it was not done in a series, after a false start that could have been polished a little.

Download Phantom Force
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