Riding the Bullet

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(comedy, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Riding the BulletA young man hitchhiking back home to visit his mother is picked up by a mysterious stranger. As the ride goes on, the young man uncovers a terrible secret about the stranger, and is given a choice by the stranger. A choice that can mean life or death.


Jonathan Jackson as Alan Parker
David Arquette as George Staub
Cliff Robertson as Farmer
Barbara Hershey as Jean Parker
Erika Christensen as Jessica Hadley
Barry W. Levy as Julian Parker
Jackson Warris as Six-Year-Old Alan
Jeffrey Ballard as 12-Year-Old Alan
Peter LaCroix as Mature Alan
Chris Gauthier as Hector Passmore
Robin Nielsen as Archie Howard
Matt Frewer as Mr. Clarkson
Simon Webb as Grim Reaper
Keith Dallas as Orderly
Danielle Dunn-Morris as Mrs. Janey McCurdy
Mick Garris

Not being a big King fan, I do not think I could have asked for more. I've seen, I struggled through the long "The Stand," but stresses that this film is more than any of the other adaptations of Stephen King work.

A chilling description of a man who travels around the country in the 70's, Riding the Bullet, "which happens to many other films have failed because the presentation of a personal conflict, namely that exists within the mind of the main character.

I think it could not have asked for a better job of serving any of the cast, either.

8 / 8.
I'm always intrigued when a film is practically at the box office and a few months later was released on television. I think to myself "could be so bad?" and I have to see it. Well, Riding the Bullet "was not as bad, but they do not deserve a theatrical release, even limited. Mick Garris (The base) has turned on the television for so long that his big screen efforts feel like films. Riding the Bullet "felt like it was done for the small screen. My feeling is that if the material had already been, Garris has been trying to pull a mini-series of it. Garris has had success and failure with the adaptation of Stephen King's work and I must say that this falls somewhere in the middle. This is a case where the parties are better than the whole. I liked the scene where George Staub has a flashback to his own death made as if we are watching a movie within the movie. And then all the hatred for the "Gotcha" moments where what is happening on the screen is just the main character in the head. I suppose it is an attempt to fool the audience, but that happens too. Virtually every 7 or 8 minutes and this happens, honestly, that brings me to the movie. I have to disagree with Tobe Hooper. This is not the best film of Stephen King. Jonathan Jackson, David Arquette, Barbara Hershey and are leading the division, while Cliff Robertson, Nicky Katt, Matt Frewer and put in some cameos. We wish best of luck to Mick with despair.

Download Riding the Bullet
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